Thursday, 11 June 2009

school run photo story

It's easy to take small things for granted...especially the things we see every day

Calendula seedlings pop up in most unexpected places.
This is the first year the peonies I moved seven years ago have bloomed. I won't move peonies again.
The climbing rose that appears each year...

Above the tiny lavender plants I planted beneath them

The allotment, shared with my neighbour.

The bunting is all my own work...

Evidence of my pale green fingers.

The cause of my virulent plot-envy. The walk to school may be short but it's emotional.


Finished school work for the week and, if I say so myself, I have made some progress.

The village fete kicks off tomorrow night. I have white elephant responsibilities and still-purple toes. There must be someone looking over me.


I wore my asda trollop shoes to book club this week. They are the height of fashion and I saw them in Grazia magazine. 18 quid is not a high price to delude myself that I can still get away with such silliness. I'm not sure book club was the place for them. I wanted to try them out and to make sure they didn't rub (they did not). However, the bicycle riding was a challenge and I felt a little silly in them. I do like them though and have since found another ridiculous (and cheap) pair of shoes. I don't even want to wear these impulse-purchases every day. I just like to know that if I need to do a bit of street-walking I'll have the right equipment. A woman has to be prepared in these modern times. I think I'll do my next photo story on "inappropriate shoes for the over-40s" - pros and cons...



Only Me said...

Good morning, it is lovely to have your photos back, and lovely they are too.

I think your still purple toes should be modelled in your amazing new asda trollop shoes at the village fete tonight?

Georgina (remote knitter) said...

I do believe that rose is a New Dawn
Well done with the poundage loss

Kathy said...

What a gorgeous bevy of home-growns! I find your lavender particularly romantic and love how it appears slanted in the breeze.

The village fete sounds terrific. And I hope you will give us a look at those shoesies. ;)