Monday, 29 June 2009

pole dancing

I'm all in favour of a little bit of public art (public, NOT pubic, thank you) but the lady above is a conundrum on so many levels. Why orange? Why the netting? Why stand on a stick looking sad on Sunday morning? The ticket was running out on the car so we couldn't hang around to discover the answers but the performer, above, was part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival if you would like to find out more. I trust that no performing arts graduates were hurt in the making of this experience.

We had a marvellous weekend in Londinium. Two full days of visiting and sight-seeing of the like I haven't done for ages.
- The Tower of London (how those beefeaters must sweat in their skirts)
- an extended stroll around the city streets of Wapping (why do 12 year old boys have to have a better sense of direction than their parents? And why did we not listen?)
- a biblical hailstorm through the streets of New Cross
- lots of lovely eats and Glastonbury on the telly at S&Vs on Saturday night
- a Sunday morning trip to Greenwich (bereft of the Cutty Sark and most of the market)
- to the Tate on a catamaran
- a Hello Kitty shopping opportunity
- and back to Steve & Val's for a lovely barbecue before heading home through the crowds

I have very few photos from our trip that I deem suitable for this blog as I relented and gave J control of the Canon all weekend. We have approximately 440 shots of Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge and a few of HMS Belfast. J enjoyed himself. I now have stumps for fingers watching him swing my pictorial pride and joy around his neck for 48 hours.

I would like to wear these shoes to a garden party, preferably in Buckingham Palace, so if anyone can get me an invitation, please do so. They remind me of Henley and Wimbledon and Ascot - probably in the 1940s as they have quite clunky heels. I know I shouldn't put new shoes on funiture but I wanted them to look their best. I also like the fact that they are labelled ''Limited Edition' but cost £19.50.

I have a busy week coming up, including J's first proper parents evening at secondary school tonight. As I work at school, it's going to be odder than it would be anyway. I am sure all is well but as we only find out about school and lessons from what he tells us, it will be interesting to see if his perception matches those of his teachers.

Tuesday, I'm running my last family learning event and then Wednesday we have a network meeting where all the people who do a similar job to me across Wiltshire get together and, usually, get given several more pieces of work to do. It's quite near a well-stocked craft emporium so I often have a post-network art/craft spree to calm me down. Very therapeutic.

Thursday is haircut day and I want mine like the girl from the 'Go Ahead' adverts, choppy bob with short fringe. The hairdresser may advise me against this as I have a low hairline and a round face. It may make my head look rather lunch-box shaped. Hair grows. There needs to be a little experimentation in my life.

On the projectforty plan front - I am now half way through. Today is the beginning of Week 5. I have lost six pounds but, dear me, it's been a trial. Watching weight loss is so tedious. My greatest success, however, is the wearing of several items of clothing I haven't been able to get on for the last couple of years. I wouldn't say they are tiny size tens but, they are tops that are now sitting comfortably across my chest rather than gaping and gapping around buttons.

I've managed to crick my neck over the weekend but am determined to continue. With any luck, and the wind behind me, I'll manage to do the same over the next four weeks and lose almost a stone. I think that might do me then. I do enjoy feeling fitter and a little slimmer but, gracious, it's an effort. How do these skinny celebs do it? I suppose they have movie contracts as a motivation.


Brown Dog said...

Sounds like you've been having a busy week already, and well done indeed on the weight-loss front - that sounds brilliant. like the sound of choppy haircut - sounds very modish and a bit Audrey Tatou. Love those shoes - if you hadn't told us they were under £20 I'd have imagined - oooh, well out of my price range. Have just bought sensible clumpy flats and feel v unstylish.

Kathy said...

Oh yikes--- That pole dancing looks as precarious as your Limited Editions look lovely! I think you've given them the perfect description.
Congratulations on your half-way mark!
I was just contemplating a fringe on my last haircut but chickened out. If you do decide to cut your hair, you'll be doing it for the both of us then. ;)

Frances said...

Hello and thank you for your comment. Also thank you for a bit of an overview of a weekend in London.

Hope to see you again soon.

Only Me said...

Am pleased you had such a fun packed weekend in that London. It has inspired me to sort out a weekend to visit my Big Bro in Balham.

Great shoes - hope Elizabeth gets her invites out soon - maybe it has got lost in the post!