Sunday, 7 June 2009

must take photos

Taking pictures is the main casualty in my focus on being healthy and getting my body moving. I feel sad as I was enjoying the process and I'd just started to think about how I wanted to frame my compositions and visuals. Hey ho. Something's got to give but it does make the place look bare. A little too minimalistic in my view.

So...what's new? Well, I've done days 1-5 of projectforty2009. A random list of things what have happened:

- I've got more energy (until about 9pm when I collapse in bed with a book on my face)

- We watched 'Burn after Reading' (hilarious, I really mean it, Pitt & Clooney, completely bonkers).

- We watched 'Boy with the Striped Pyjamas' (simply upsetting)

- We watched 'Slumdog Millionaire', swiftly borrowed today by my neighbour (amazing, even on a smaller screen and in the living room)

- I went to the gym

- I went for a swim

- I did stretches and crunches and weights EVERY morning

- I've weeded and cherished every soggy seedling on the allotment (it feels that way, anyway)

- I've knitted one whole sweater for O (it's too big, but who's measuring)

- I've made a mess in my room, the one that everyone else seems to like being in

- I made cake and flapjacks (and did not lick bowls/spoons or spatulas)

- I've almost entirely eradicated non-meal snacking from my life

- I've drunk gallons of water and have slightly less rosy cheeks

- I've had a pedicure and have purple toes courtesy of my NBB (New Best Beautician) Jenny in Malmesbury

- I have proper eyebrows and eyelashes (why do eyebrows make so much difference?)

That sounds rather a lot. I'm must be due a slump, a hiatus (?), the complementary lull to this hyper-activity.


Lisa said...

I couldn't watch the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. G read the book and told me what it was about. I'd be sobbing forever. I do fancy the Burn After Reading film though.
Huge congrats on the snacking thing.

Brown Dog said...

Golly - your life has been a veritable whirl of activity and achievement since I last popped in. Makes me feel quite slothful. I have never been able to make a cake without licking the spatula - surely, that's the whole point, no? Anyway, well done - and do pass on the details of your NBB - eyebrows are something I could do with at the moment.

Only Me said...

Am impressed at the fitness regime - what's a crunch - is that meant to happen?

Well done on the no snacking - my snacking is VERY bad - far too many custard creams and garidbaldi. I've even had my packed lunch by 10.30 the last two mornings - oops - all in all not very good.

Kathy said...

Hee! I love your lists. Now let's see those purple toes!

PS. I laughed out loud at Burn After Reading when Malcovich went to town with his axe.
What's wrong with me? ;)