Thursday, 4 June 2009

moving swiftly on...

Have lost 3lbs since Monday. "Congrats" I hear you gasp! I fear this is due to the sensitivity of the wii. The batteries on our scales have long since been exhausted. I am too tight and too time-pressed to source the appropriate paracetomol-shaped variety. Therefore, I am reduced to measuring myself on the wii-fit.
It's a pernickety and sensitive object, much like myself. One day it says one thing and the next, it, well, says another, much like myself. It takes a while to get going, much like myself. It also tells me useless information, similar to my own tendency of imparting great and nonsensical facts to anyone who stands next to me for more than five minutes.
I also weighed myself on the scales at the gym this week. They are much better scales - they tell me I am half a stone lighter than the wii tells me I am. Perhaps I shall only weigh myself at the gym. Not only am I 7lbs missing, I'll also have to weigh myself a lot less as I don't go often enough, thereby reducing the risk of Minimal Weight Loss Misery Syndrome (MWLMS).
I voted today. That was fun. I wanted a copy of the ballot paper for the 17 European candidates to put on my fridge to help explain democracy to the kids. What a a farce - and who are all these people? I'm just glad I'm not Gordon Brown. I bet he won't get a wink of sleep tonight and that's not going to help his general demeanour. He's got to keep his strength up, poor man.
* work is finished for the week, on to knitting and the weekend. Have booked eyebrow shape, eyelash dye and pedicure for Saturday. I hear it's going to rain so I wanted to do something productive. At least my extremities will be improved - just the bit in between will need further attention!
Chicken update: no eggs as yet, pecking order established, I am becoming obsessed and find them weirdly yogic.

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Only Me said...

"Congrats", well done - that's great and only a week in -definitely go with the gym scales.

Now a pedicure sounds like what I need - I have two very unattractive, scaley, dry skinned feet - umm, lovely ... I think they require urgent TLC - I need builder's sandpaper to sort them out.

Have a great weekend.