Wednesday, 17 June 2009

i love a downward trend....

As you know I'm weighing myself on the somewhat inconsistent wii fit contraption. I am pleased to report that I have lost another whole English lb (pound!). It's chucking it down with rain so there'll be no bike ride tonight although am pleased to report I managed a homeward bound swim at our local pool.

I feel Davina calling. I've borrowed one of her DVDs from a friend. I just need to clear out the playroom before I bounce about on a little kickboxing-fest.

I don't often visit the playroom. I don't even call it the playroom as our medium-sized children use it more now for playing console games and computering. Where's the play in that? It does need a bit of a makeover though. G has been re-arranging the bookshelves. Even though I don't go in there very often I like the books to be arranged how my inner alphabetical control freak likes them. I won't tell him. It will be a surprise!

I've been reading about the Kindle, Amazon's techy book-reader thingy. Does anyone know how it compares with others like the Sony one? I'm keen to give it a try but I get the feeling I can only order it from the States and I really don't want to get something that I won't be able to re-charge or use over here.

On a less technological note, I borrowed JA's 'P&P' from the school library today. It's the next classic on our book club list. I'm going to try my very hardest to give it a proper go. Daphne du Maurier got short shrift. Couldn't be bothered with the first wild, windswept paragraph. Far too dreary and soppy for my liking.

Am reading Sophie Dahl's 'Playing with the Grown-Ups' which I'm enjoying. I did a library trawl last week and also picked up a couple of titles by someone called Cotterill. I've never come across a name that rhymes with mine. They're about Laos.

Anyway...enough randometry.


Lobster and swan said...

great post

I am off to Ireland in a week and my sister plans some early morning wake ups with a davina dvd!

I will probably laugh a few pounds off!

good luck, to you too!

Only Me said...

Congratulations on another English lb - that's great.

I'm delaying starting P&P - but the rainy weather may entice me to curl up and give it a whirl.

Any sign of eggs yet?