Sunday, 21 June 2009

flowers, cannons and icecream

Every year, several gardens in our village are opened as part of the National Garden Scheme. The weekend is heralded by the arrival on Saturday lunchtime by men wearing panama hats and ladies in linen trousers, each wearing a distinctive yellow stickers.

The treat for the indigenous population is seeing our neighbour's gardens, each tweaked and more beautiful than last year. It is a chance to promenade and spend the afternoon celebrating our little corner of England.

I took some photographs of roses. I am unable to tell you what variety they are although I believe that most of them were supplied by David Austin Roses. I was also informed that this amazing company offers a bespoke service where you can send a plan of the site you wish to plant, its aspect and any of its peculiarities and they will kindly put together a planting plan and schedule of the most suitable scented roses. When our garden becomes a place of relaxation and tranquility instead of a place for non-laying chickens and football playing children, I will take the opportunity to create a room of roses, or an arbour, or an arch, just something beautiful.

I think I will have red, pink and cream roses but their main responsibility will be to flower throughout the season and deliver delicious scent.

In the meantime (and without smell-o-blog capability) here are a couple of the roses I saw yesterday.

And here is the seedhead of some angelica, in the most beautiful garden of all.

And here is my own shrub, wearing a small rose, hiding her beauty at SS Great Britain on our Father's Day outing earlier today.

Bristol was hugger-mugger with the Bristol Bicycle Ride, Banksy's exhibition at the City Gallery and a host of other events and attractions. Everyone came home happy. I got to go to the Arnolfini for 20 minutes and everyone got an ice cream.

A grand day out.

- my 'so-called' hens have not laid their first egg
- they have discovered an ability to fly over the fence
- they have been visited by our neighbour's cockerel
- any helpful suggestionsn will be gratefully received

- I have now, officially lost 5lbs
- it's the start of week 4 of this year's projectforty tomorrow
- this week, I am mostly going to concentrate on stamping out snacking

- projectforty's spring clean (do you like what I've done with the place?) will be followed by a few minor alterations of the content variety
- I have realised that my aspirations of multi-blog occupancy was over ambitious
- I will be bringing knit/craft/art postings back to projectforty and I will put the woefully neglected outpost of craftdelight to bed for a while


Only Me said...

More beautiful photos - I especially like your own shrub - no other garden will have one - she is unique.

Your chickens do seem very active but in the wrong departments - flying and flirting - they are very naughty. Am I allowed a third go in the sweepstakes - if so, 31st August 2009.

Lisa said...

Great photos.
Can't offer any advice about the chickens or snacking, but wishing you luck with both!