Monday, 1 June 2009

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we......

Numbers, statistics, data....these are the things by which we measure progress. I have thought long and hard about writing my vital statistics down on a piece of paper. The thought of exposing weight, girth and volume on the world-wide-webby is simply non-negotiable - even to my select and, I'm eternally grateful, supportive readers.
The hairs on my neck are standing on end at the thought of telling anyone that my waist is somewhat thicker than it needs to be or that the reason my feet are flat is the *&(^$ number of extra pounds I'm carrying.
Therefore, dear supportive reader, I've decided to do numbers in reverse order.
As this is Day 1, we are at zero and any pounds lost will be recorded, as will any inches.
It seems to me that inches are the big deal around here. I had a mild flirtation with the gym and its marvellous counting machines last year and found that although I felt rather smug and almost fantastic after sweating profusely one day and only sweating mildly the next, my desire for shrinkage was not met. Yes, I felt fitter and yes, there was a slight firming of the muscles but shrink I did not. I did not get smaller in the waist or thigh department, I merely replaced wobbliness with muscles of slightly less wobbliness.
I will not deny that firming and fittening up are likely to be pleasant by-products of the next 40 days but my main focus is to get a little smaller, particularly in the waist department. Middle aged spread is not a myth. It can, it seems, become a physical inevitability.
On another matter - I'm worried for Susan Boyle. I haven't read all the press but I feel sorry for her. She's clearly not made for the world of telly and celebrity and fame. I suspect she wishes she could go home and make it all stop.
On another, and final, matter - when do you think our new chickens will lay eggs? J has optimistically opted for 6th June, I'm going for 24th. Answers via the comments page please by 5th June. There might be a prize...


LittleBrownDog said...

Try centimetres - they're more forgiving, and no one over 40 properly understands them, anyway (not that I think you need to loose many - you always look lovely to me).

I think the chickens will lay by the weekend (does that mean I get an egg?).

Kathy said...

I am going to follow you to the gym. I was just thinking this morning about all my wobbly parts at the pool this summer. Not a pretty vision.

And my guess for Egg Lay Day is June 27th! hee!

Lisa said...

Good luck with the weight loss.
Once recovered from this op I hope to get fitter, but losing weight is nigh on impossible as my diet is awful.
As for eggs, I reckon the first one will lay on 12th. No previous chicken experience, just a guess!

Only Me said...

I'm going to place my bet - first chicken to lay by 10th June,and I reckon all four will have laid laid by 12th June - is the prize an omlette.