Monday, 25 May 2009

taking the opportunity

My animal-loving, puppy-yearning daughter is in the unfortunate position of being part of a family that 'doesn't do' creatures (apart from our planned chicken arrival). Fortunately she has the occasional opportunity to visit my sister-in-law's where animals come in all different sizes and varieties.

This weekend we celebrated the arrival of a new member of the human family and also heard of K's success at delivering and rearing other members of our non-human extended family! E was a hit, feeding tiny reluctant Midnight and making repeated visits to check on sheep-related matters in the local vicinity. I have no idea where this instinct comes from, I think it must, somehow be in my husband's genes. My lot were bakers and hairdressers.

Visiting K's is a little like being in a Disney film. I spent most of yesterday stitching patchwork hexagons whilst an enormous Alsatian chased a puppy version of himself, a cocker spaniel and a terrier around and around the garden between said extended family playing cricket and the occasional game of badminton. It was bedlam! There were a couple of cats, flocks of geese and a charming collection of tiny ducklings milling around the place. I wouldn't have been surprised to see a llama or two.

It was wonderful to be welcome little O and have such a lovely family day. The sun even shone for most of it.

It's amazing, too, what a little bit of time chilling does for a person's batteries. It's good to get away sometimes and absolve all responsibilities to one's hosts. Cheeky, but nice.



Kathy said...

Look at that lucky girl with her wooly friends!
What an idyllic setting to spend time with family.

Only Me said...

It sounds like a great time was had by all. E could be a farmer in the making - village life eh!