Friday, 8 May 2009

short and sweet

Forgive me, blogger, I have not blogged for more than almost a fortnight.
Bluebells are a great reminder that the things around us just carry on despite all the other things we worry about or struggle with. I've popped up from my recent dip into the doldrums but there's so much going on my head is a little spinny. I've recently learnt the term 'fiddlehead' which is American, I think' for the spiral baby ferns that posted on craftdelight. Fiddlehead would seem an appropriate description for my thought patterns at the moment.

I'm not a natural nature lover. I do not swoon at rabbits, voles or swifts. I like the countryside and a gorgeous view of rolling hills or ancient forest but if offered a citybreak or a rural retreat, I would choose urban distractions every time.
I do love woods though, particularly when there's a carpet of bluebells and their scent is so dense. They are so prolific, yet so fleeting. It's always a treat to see them.
We're lucky to live near Westonbirt which, despite, its astronomical entry price (if not a member) is the national arboretum with a collection of 18,000 trees. I don't go there often but it's a great place to dip in to during the year and is never the same twice. You can see the seasons so vividly there.

My own garden is woefully neglected although I have managed to plant out my courgettes this week and sow some more parsley. I am planning a writing and gardening morning tomorrow to get some work out of the way and move some more seedlings from the greenhouse into the outside world. I suspect they will be eaten. Nature's great.
Hot off the press news.....NRH has been offered a job. I know. It's great. He's had a lovely few weeks 'off' and made himself very useful. He starts in a couple of weeks so I'm preparing myself to re-organise and work out how we're going to manage with both of us working almost full-time. Just another little challenge to hop over.
Am fitting in a trip to the American Museum in Bath this afternoon and I can't wait. I'm hoping for quilts and folk art.

Y'all take care now


Only Me said...

Well fiddly dee what a fab photo of fiddleheads and what a wonderful word.

Great news for NRH who will now have to become NEH! More juggling to be sorted - am sure you'll manage and E is welcome anytime - tis always a pleasure.

Happy gardening.

Kathy said...

I love it when you talk American--- ;)