Sunday, 31 May 2009

The plan

Sometimes things just come together....I realised that there are 40 working days until the end of the summer term. Eight weeks of school and work days, precisely.

I've also been thinking that some of projectforty has been going rather well - the writing, the working, the making. I've realised, too that some of it hasn't been going quite so well - the exercising, the healthy living, the more visible aspects of what I'd hope I'd get round to doing.

It's time to put some real effort in and these thoughts have co-incided with another little discovery.


I worry about twitter. I can't quite believe that anyone reads any of it. In one of my previous posts I listed a group of people that I'd quite like to meet - I searched on twitter for them. Nigella does not tweet but, surprisingly Will Self does. Will Self tweets but he doesn't follow anyone else's twittering - why doesn't that surprise me. He has over 5,000 followers which is but a grain of sand in comparison to Oprah's 'twibe' of millions.

Anyway, as a little experiment, I'm going to use twitter as a way to record this year's concerted effort at looking better. General posting will not be interrupted but I'm interested how I can combine the twittering with the blogging.

My goal for the next eight weeks is to shrink a little and reduce the increasing creakiness that I encounter in the mornings. If I do nothing, things aren't going to improve on their own.

I know from the wii-fit, my clothes-fit and my level of un-fit-ness that something has to be done. I'm going to aim for some exercise every day and selective, mindful snacking. I have several downfalls - chocolate, biscuits and cheese. The usual suspects.

I promise not to tweet about what I had for breakfast, just a summary of 140 words a day.

Wish me luck! I think I'm going to need it....

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Only Me said...

Maybe swim/gym tomorrow ......

Think I might need advice on how to get twittering.