Tuesday, 19 May 2009

going, going, gone

Days fly. Weeks race by. I'd forgotten how working in education makes the year feel rushed and segmented by reports, exams, sports days and parents' evenings. It's relentless enough as a parent. Working in a school can feel like running a long distance marathon with a number of significant landmarks along the way.

Last time I worked in education I worked term-time only. This gave me the knowledge and support that I was amongst teachers and school staff, working relentlessly for several weeks with a well-earned and welcome break before the next exhausting term. My new job? It's all year-round. I don't have the luxury of knowing that sometime soon there is a potential period of optimum slump.
Somehow I must work in education whilst those around me plot long summer holidays and watch as they get the end of term look in their eyes. 'Only another few days to go' they trill, doing their utmost to keep on top of their ever-rising workload until they can rest. I am dreading next term. I must book my leave and book my leave soon.
On another note...I am having a candle party tomorrow night. This is like an Ann Summer's party but without the sex toys. We moved here about seven years ago and I remember going to my first one, truly believing that I'd been invited to a sort of mini-sleepover and perhaps I needed to take my pyjamas. No. I'd been invited to spend enough money so that the hostess could splash out on a leopard print tealight screen.
So why have a candle party? I was invited to one recently and was one of two guests. I had to do something constructive. I offered to host a party. I have been a woeful hostess so far. I had an initial email surge the day after I agreed to clean my house for the purpose of candles and, subsequently, have done nothing.
The upside? I haven't seen any of my school friends/neighbours properly since I started working. I need an excuse to gather them to my house and give them wine. The lady who is organising me asked me not to invite too many people but I have. She will just have to cope. I think she may be concerned that people may have fun and not gaze at her catalogue for too long.
Tesco are delivering crisps and nuts tonight. I've just swept the kitchen floor. I MUST remember to do something about fluff on the living room rug.

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Only Me said...

It was great to get together last evening admist the aroma of tonka bean, man in a tin, and sea mist, whilst sipping a thimble of wine. I hope you were able to choose a lovely, lovely gift because you are most definitely an excellent hostess.