Wednesday, 15 April 2009

random small acts of happiness...

A strawberry, made for me by the smallest person in our house.

The first cup of tea made especially for me by the larger child in the house.

A delicious fish pie, made by me, on Good Friday.

Having had a literary depression session yesterday evening, I am pleased to report that I may be sadder than usual but I'm not quite at the medication or hospitalisation stage. Thank goodness. How people ever manage to recover from such an illness is a miracle. They are beyond courageous. I'm not belittling my episodes of sadness and I'm so thankful for the messages of gentle support that have been left here but having read a little of what depression can mean, I am 99% sure that I'm OK. Really. Please do not be alarmed.

I can't begin to summarise Dorothy Rowe's book except to say that the parts I read resonated strongly with some of the things I've been feeling. I'm just not feeling them to the extremes described in her book or by people she has worked with.

Maybe I'm bobbing along a large river in Egypt but I'm thankful I don't feel like that. I just realise that I need to be a little watchful and be grateful for random acts of happiness and keep filling up my jar of joyfulness!


Kathy said...

It's good that you are watchful. And it's good that your "people" are so good to you ;)
That strawberry is just adorable.

Only Me said...

A strawberry, a cuppa and pie - perfect.

I'm sorry life is a little sad for you at present but most pleased that you are ok.

LittleBrownDog said...

Am pleased to see you're waving and not drowning, though I don't underestimate the draining power of sadness. Lovely to see you the other day - and thank you for your lovely comment. Will pop along now to check out Craft Delight. xx