Tuesday, 7 April 2009

please be upstanding....

For Mr President - Carack Obama! He didn't win the easter egg competition but he tried his best and with the support of every other egg in the human world, he'll try again, perservere, keep on going and make upmost efforts to be the best egg he can ever be.

Sorry...couldn't resist....you see I have an update on my lost and founds....I didn't need karma, I just needed my husband's logic.

I keep my camera cable in a box with all the other cables that the modern home accumulates. This box sits under a cabinet in my office, with my art supplies and other random nonsense. NRH, in his wisdom decided that this was not logical so moved my camera cable to a drawer in the hall. He didn't tell me where he'd put it but then that's something I should have known before I assumed that I had lost the camera cable. I should have known that my camera cable was in the wrong place in my room and that, of course, someone else should just move it without telling me! Time is short in my universe at the moment....this did not help.

I have also found something I didn't know we'd lost - E's jacket. Thank you S.

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Only Me said...

I do like Carack's twinkly sequinned eyes - he should have been a winner.

Men meddling is really not good - D has decided to start sorting out the cutlery in the dishwasher - strange but true and it's driving me nuts!