Saturday, 4 April 2009

crazy paving...

I have drunk my water. I have eaten more fruit. I have had just alcohol related incident during the week. I am a good forty-something (despite the consistent lack of regular exercise). I have behaved (mostly).

The rest of my day to day activities are somewhat more irregular. I have too many different things happening each week.

This week I have lost...
- the cable to connect my camera to my pc
- several packets of very important vegetable seeds
- my temper
- my sense of humour (twice)
- my 10mm knitting needles
- my favourite moisturiser
- E's leotard

I am often lucky enough to be the recipient of universal good fortune by, eventually, finding items I have lost. The god of all temporarily unavailable bits and bobs smiles upon me and they turn up, usually too late, but they turn up. It's a good job.

I've tried leaving things in the same place (this should work for keys etc), having a place for everything (this does work for kitchen implements) but I'm destined to be one of those irritated souls who just can't get the hang of objects and spends a significant amount of time searching.

It's another fatal flaw in my personality.

I have, however, found stuff this week too:
- I found a mouldy apple under the magazine that had been in the passenger seat of my car for a couple of weeks
- some beautiful paper that I'm promising myself I will create something magical from
- a rather nice skirt in Bath
- some new oil cloth for the kitchen table

I think that's what they call karma?


LittleBrownDog said...

Hmmm - sounds like we're looking for a rather short leotard-clad, well-moisturised burglar with a penchant for gardening and a serious knitting habit. Which leaves rather a large number of suspects in this village, I fear...

Rather envious of the beautiful paper (show and tell, please) and nice skirt. May have to pop back...

Only Me said...

Apart from the mouldy apple you have a very nice found list this week.

H found someone's mobile phone this weekend - she enjoyed the tune it played when you switched it on and off (on and off, on and off ..!)before she handed in to be collected by one very happy owner.

I hope your camera cable turns up soon cos I like your photos very much.

disa said...