Thursday, 26 March 2009


I'm up early, too early. I woke at precisely 3.33am. I've been rearranging my fabric stash and bloggering, having a wee web-wander.
Coincidentally I came across mountainear's blog about her recent examination of her sewing box. I believe that sorting out threads and ribbons and fabric and pins is a pleasurable way to pass some time, particularly the early hours of the morning. I'm very low maintenance (and easily pleased).
I can see it's going to be a cloudy day today. I hope it rains. I can tolerate cloud if it brings water. It's cold too but I think that has something to with NRH fiddling about with the heating controls. We are in the spring period of our heating arrangements - he tries to turn it off, lower, reduce the time it's on, I try to turn it back on for longer. It's an ancient and integral part of our married life. I think we should have a fire tonight, enjoy the cosiness of the woodburner before it seems silly to light it.
NRH received his final payslip yesterday. I got paid too - late and less than I thought, hey, it's cash. The kids spent dinner trying to guess how much was in the bank. I think they're a bit anxious and I can understand why. It must be difficult for them as they have no control over what happens. They just hear us trying to keep everything on an even keel. At least, as adults, we can work to find solutions and understand all the implications. It's quite hard to decide how much to share with them.

I think we're coping with all the changes pretty well. I feel pleased that I'm working and am contributing and with NRH at home I've managed to relinquish my weekly cooking duties. He is getting loads done in the garden, sorting out the garage and piles of stuff and clutter we've had hanging around for ages. We've got enough money to see us through for sometime and I've got potential projects coming out of my ears. We're now a one-car family (and it's a little car) but that won't hurt us and we can always decide it's part of our ethical, sustainable, greener (i.e. cheaper) lifestyle!
I suppose my sleeplessness is an indication that I might be a little worried too but I've learnt that it's best just to get up and do something, no matter how small. Sometimes I knit, sometimes I iron, occasionally I might blog, just to shift the niggles and the worries to something more positive. Although everything is OK, there's just a little shadow lurking of what ifs and longer term potential problems.
But hey, ho. We'll keep calm and carry on just like the teatowel says. The day's starting now, so it's time for tea, muesli and the packed lunch routine.
Enjoy Thursday.


The Antidote said...

We have just read a chapter from the "Little House" series called something like "the hour before dawn is the darkest" or something like that.
Hopefully that is the case for so many people at the moment x

Only Me said...

That is most definitely too early but the fabric stash looks gorgeous.

Try not to worry - you sound busy, busy, busy and I'm sure all will be well.

D has 'officially' started cycling to work today - Day 1 in the pouring rain!