Monday, 30 March 2009


In my quest to be more mindful (see craftdelight), I'm going back to my list. I am going to start where I began....with the water thing and the exercise thing....

I'm up early again but this time I can blame the clocks springing forward. Despite many attempts, I do not understand how all that works. At least the clock on my car is right again.

I've got a nice day ahead. A knitting workshop followed by lunch with LBD and a creative arts evening at school where J is playing something by AC/DC. I am pleased to say we were unable to help him source any music by said band. We don't do metal/rock. Urghghghghgh....He'll have to make it up as he goes along. I'm sure no-one will know any different.

The rest of the week is going to be a bit of a blur but manageable with NRH's growing domestic prowess. He really is rather impressive. Meals were made and beds were changed last week. Even the spare room was cleared. We have a slight issue with bathrooms and some confusion on the laundry front but all is going well.

He also helped me on the allotment yesterday. My knitting has been a source of amazement but I never, ever thought, in a gazillion years that we would be allotmenting, together, ever. It was intriguingly companionable once we'd worked out our roles. That took some time.

Just a quickie this morning as I need to prepare a Victorian lunchbox for E and scour the cupboards for enough lunch to satisfy J.

Have a good week.


The Antidote said...

Ha Ha! sounds as though I am not alone in having the clock in may car right for only six months a year!

Only Me said...

Ahh ... but will J now wish to become Mr Metal/Rock following on from his creative arts evening - (am sure he won't) - hope you have a great time.

Am impressed at NRH - sounds like he is doing a grand job.

Kathy said...

Lovely image and text to match. I'm actually envious that you'll be listening to ACDC tonight; never even a passing fancy for you? Harkens back to high school for me. ;)