Wednesday, 4 March 2009

quelques photos parisiens - II


Et, bien sur!....

Paris is staying with me far longer than I thought it would. It's a cohesive looking city, much more so than London which is chaotic although as beautiful in comparison.
I've completed my official school-work this week having swapped my hours around so I was relishing the thought of a day off tomorrow. It is still a day off although I need to do a little knitting planning to ensure next week (a new workshop) goes well. Our weekend, though, is fairly free and I am looking forward to cleaning the greenhouse (I know, thrilling!) and delving into my seed collection to see what I can salvage for this year. We're going to actually need allotment produce, I fear.
Our credit crunch situation is now upon us and from Monday I'll be the official breadwinner. I've never been in this position before and it is, quite frankly, terrifying. I'm trying not to panic and, as usual, I have ideas. This time, though, those ideas need to be turned into cash.
One strange outcome of my new working regime is that I haven't dropped E off at school since we went to Paris. It's a very strange phenomenon. I've been so used to walking that walk almost every day since she's been at our lovely little village school, I feel something is missing all the time. The rhythm and space of going there has gone out of my day. Amazing how little things just seem to shift and make the biggest difference.


pinkcatcustardandcake said...

Hello again! Thanks for popping by the other day. It was so nice to get my first comment - it gave me a very warm fuzzy feeling! Good luck with your new situation next week. It must be very daunting but I'm sure you'll get through it fine. Will be thinking of you! x

Only Me said...

Tis strange how little things change, making big differences, and we all move forward in other directions.

Good luck with next week's workshop, I'm sure it will be brillian - I look forward to hearing how and who goes?

LittleBrownDog said...

Well, a little allotment is supposed to be able to feed a family of four all year round if you get your planting right (ok, there may be months on end of courgettes and runner beans, but I'm sure you're more than woman for the job). Enjoy next week's workshop - looking forward to hearing all about it.

Fennie said...

Re LBD's comment I've heard that you can feed a family of four on an acre if you grow beans. But I am sure there are more exciting things in life and it wouldn't pay for a visit to Paris. Good luck with your cash raising ideas and thanks for visiting my blog. Certainly scary to end up as the sole breadwinner in these uncertain times.

disa said...