Sunday, 22 March 2009

maternal instinct

I've had a lovely Mother's Day - thanks for asking. Flowers and chocoate in bed, followed by a lovely breakfast and several hours battling with couch grass and ground elder. It's a beautiful, sunny day and it's almost time to dig out the SPF moisturiser and sunnies.

I have been gardening in a t-shirt (and trackies, obviously) but in a t-shirt, not in a parka or a fleece (and yes, I know I should abandon fleece wearing at my advanced age) and if I'm not mistaken, I've caught some spring rays on my wobblyish upper arms.

I often wonder what kind of mother I am. Or rather, what kind of mother my kids think I am. I'm not cool. That I understand. I am not a yummy mummy. I bake cakes but I tend to eat them. This doesn't help the yumminess quotient of my mumminess. I don't think I'm too demanding but I've always been intolerant of nonsense (it's the Lancashire in me). Maybe my two have just got used to my funny ways. Maybe they just think I'm grumpy. I hope not.

I visited my Aunt J yesterday. She's my mum's youngest sister. I took my daughter and as E and I sat together, I could see J thinking how much alike we are. Everyone says we are alike and I can already hear and see some of me emerging. It's very odd. There are parts of me that I wouldn't like her to inherit - my wittering, my procrastination but, touch wood, so far she's only got the good bits.

And then there's J. E & I came home early yesterday as I discovered on the previous evening that I don't like driving on motorways in the dark. We weren't exactly unwelcome but having had an evening of war films planned, my eldest was a little ambivalent about his mother's return.

He's got to the age when a curry and a WWII film-fest with his Dad and a curry is the epitome of fun. He disguised it well though.

I'm having a roast cooked for me this afternoon. NRH has started to cook more. To my shame I am not the most encouraging spouse in this regard. I find it very difficult to allow him to cook entire meals, particularly if I am in an 8 mile radius. I am trying very hard to relax but struggling. It's easier during the week, particularly if I'm at work. I think I'd rather he stuck to sorting out the garage. I don't like to give up my territory without a fight!


Only Me said...

Another great blog - I'm pleased you've had such a lovely Mother's Day. I have also had a very lovely day, in fact, a sort of Mothers Day weekend. I spent a very sunny day or so in Wales with my mum and then was spoilt by my lovely girls this morning - even with breakfast in bed - presented on a tray with a flower in a vase!

Kathy said...

I love the art work you chose for your post. Even in all her glory, she is serene and full of humility.

Certainly every good touchstone of motherhood was met in your weekend, I loved reading about it.