Wednesday, 11 March 2009

no money, sno' problem....

Is it possible to ski without conscience during the worst recession since the 70s? I don't know, I didn't ski in the 70s. Added to that, I didn't eat broccoli or spaghetti bolognese in the 70s, I did, however eat treacle sandwiches. Middle class pursuits such as vegetables and skiing did not appear on my social aspirations until the late 80s.
I ask about skiing as my newly redundant husband (NRH) is, as I blog, hopping on a plane to Toulouse where he will be whisked to Andorra by one of his oldest friends for a few days on the slopes. NRH is travelling with a Fully Employed Husband (FEH) who is a newer friend. They will be spending three whole days pootling about up and down the mountain and consuming vast EU lakes of fizzy euro-pop-lager. I think they will be having a VERY GOOD TIME although older best friend has texted the words 'eating is cheating' to indicate that his diet is entirely liquid, a fact that I have neglected to share with my good friend, S, wife to FEH.
This skiing trip has been preceded by the usual last minute exercise regime involving one instance of sitting against the wall (thigh improvement) and a number of ipod assisted bicycle trips.
NRH returns on Sunday afternoon. I was hoping for a few days of general dressing gown activity and relaxed tv watching. Not so. Tonight I must drive J to football training which runs, ridiculously, from 8 - 9pm in Swindon. E and I will be making a trip to Tesco as I have had to bribe her with the opportunity of choosing lunchbox snacks for the week. Thrilling.
Thursday - drums. Friday - mass sleepover and Comic Relief. Saturday - ice hockey (in Swindon?) and Sunday - big lie in. Not exactly 4 days of rest and relaxation. I will be checking all bank statements on NRH's return to make sure that I can justify an impending trip on my own, destination undecided.
I hope I don't sound bitter and/or twisted. I am pleased NRH has gone somewhere with his mates and, in his defence, it had been booked for a while. I'm not the most enthusiastic skier and have got to the stage where I only like to ski for particular parts of the day (10 - 12/1 at the most), have a little lunch stop, possibly do a couple more runs and then find something else to do, preferably swim or hot-tub-sit or examine the damage my hired boots have done to my precious size 7s. It will be nice for him to ski with people who like to go up on the first lift and come down on the last. I do not. I like to go up when all the keenies have already gone and come down before they start carving up the nursery slopes, trying to get the last lift back up again.
I can't knit while skiing either.


Kathy said...

If only we could knit while skiing!After all of the 'manual labor' involved in ski days: the amassing and loading of gear, the putting on of gear, the taking off of gear, the stowing away of gear, the drying out of clothing and the feeding of hungry skiiers...
Ah yes, shouldn't knitting be the LEAST REWARD for skiing?!
I hope maybe you'll be able to squeeze in some knit time while the hubby's away. :)

Kathy said...

don't know if my last comment made it through---
I just wanted to say that I hope you find some time to relax and knit a bit before the week's over!

Only Me said...

'Eating is Cheating' - ahh! G did let this slip on the way to the station but luckily(possibly)D has made and packed a vast amount of cheese sandwiches! A bit like Paddington Bear but with cheese...