Sunday, 8 March 2009

great green hope

I have done as I planned and cleaned out the greenhouse. I found an unopened although rather damp bag of compost and I have sown tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, radishes, sunflowers, nasturtia (ums?) and, as advised by Fennie and LBD, beans, climbing beans. These, apparently will feed a family of four for an entire summer. See below.
I am hoping that my greenhouse, garden and (dare I hope) allotment will look as abundant as the plant stall at the village fete this year. I do know that we won't be able to eat hostas. I use the above photograph for illustration purposes only.
Tomorrow we will be in the full grip of family recession but hopefully, some distance from family depression. All must be well as G is going skiing on Wednesday which, naturally, I do not mind but, secretly, am planning to raid the bank statement to see if I can leverage a similarly priced trip of my own, on my own on his return. A girl can dream.
To celebrate our own domestic credit crunch I bought smoked salmon (half price) on Friday night and several packets of reduced seedy bun things. Organic smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls in my lunchbox will make everything seem slightly brighter. Sainsbury's had corned beef on offer but it wasn't as cheap as tuna chunks in brine which surprised me. Surprising on two additional counts was that I had been sent out for mushy peas which are more healthy than peas (according to G) and 15p per tin. Cheap and nourishing, just like liver.
E refused the mushy peas but enjoyed developing her new signature dish - broken biscuits and ice cream.
The recipe:
- walls cornish ice cream (half price)
- 2 hob nob biscuits
Place hobnobs in freezer bag. Obtain rolling pin. Crush hobnobs to required crumb density. Serve with lashings of walls cornish ice cream (the stuff that has real vanilla and cream in it, not the nasty synthetic stuff). Lie back and wait for the sugar rush.
Projectforty list: I have decided to keep a record of how I think I'm actually doing. Simplifying is not going well. Consuming less is, as there are fewer pounds around to consume with. Eating better is bumbling along as usual and TV watching is down as when I get home from proper work, I need to do other stuff instead of goggling the box.
However, I have increased my frequency of TV binges. With all those lovely +1 channels I can now fit in an evening of ER, Desperate Housewives, Shameless and Mad Men all in one go. I do get a little over-emotional as I flit from decades and suburbs and council estates but it does make for an entertaining evening.

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Only Me said...

Another most excellent post.

Must write down E's recipe - sounds good - nearly as good as the new signature dish currently in our household - marshmallow squares. If you're interested I can let you have the recipe! It involves a lot of VERY sweet ingredients.