Thursday, 5 February 2009

s'no surprise

How many people must have posted some snow in the UK today? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?
I had a lovely walk with my neighbour through the fields alongside our snow-bedecked river.
Meanwhile her son was breaking his arm. Someone had to do it but it didn't need to be him. It could have been worse. There was a quad bike in the vicinity.
Today has been like a proper 'free' day. A bonus day. I know it's not very good for the economy and, believe me, the reality of that is heading our way like a snow plough, but it's a Thursday, there's no footie, no chores, the fridge is relatively full and we've got enough soggy logs to last a few weeks if we truly get snowed in.
It's quite amazing to see the landscape change in one day. Naturally, a lot of melting has gone on between 8am and 5pm so what was carpeted with pristine white snow is now slushy wetness. The number of cars has gradually increased during the afternoon and we wait with anticipation to see what the evening brings. Some of us are hoping for more snow. Others are not.

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Only Me said...

Today, has felt like a little holiday - it might be a shock tomorrow when we are back to school, work and all the usual. The kids have not seen snow like this on their doorstep and have had a lovely, lovely time apart from poor ol' E and his arm - oh dear!