Friday, 27 February 2009

quelques photos parisiens - part I

Excuse my franglais, mais mes amis, regardez-vous.....

Et voila....

Et maintenant...., I have a sneaky suspicion that there are a few more of you, who are checking in to projectforty. How do I know this? A little bird told me. I am, I assure you, thrilled.


However, what you need to do for little-ol'-blogging-moi is let me know who you are and give me a little bit of comment-love (or not, as the case may be). In the words of Cilla Black 'what's yer name, and where d'you come from? chuck.'


It's not as tricky as you might think....
The easiest way to do it is sign up to Blogger. Go to and create an account. Then, when you click on the comments bit under each post - that bit where it usually says '0 comments' or, if it's a busy day '1 comment' and tell me what you think of my photos, my ramblings, my innate inability to progress my 10 lovely projectforty rules beyond drinking a bit more water.
I'm not sure whether bloggers are allowed to demand comments in such a direct way, but, hey this is my 230-something post. I'm allowed. Show me a little slack, have a little go and I might even start a regular little giveaway, like those big-bad-bloggers do in the States.
What can I say? Apart from the weapon of mass wallet-stripping that is the Euro, Paris was marvellous. Wonderful because we had a great occasion to celebrate, fabulous because my small humans had a great time (apart from the art, apparently), super because I'm becoming a
city-phile again - in a BIG way.
More on this in a later post but although I suffered from pavement ankle after 48 hours, I could have spent weeks there. I may have to spend some time planning such a trip but I will, somehow, do something at some point so that I can live in Paris for a while, maybe 3 months, maybe 6. I don't know and what it will be, goodness only knows but it is going to happen.


Only Me said...

I'm sooo pleased you had a tres bonne time in Paris. There is nothing like the buzz of a beautiful city.

Small people not liking art though - I'm sure they will come round to it...

Pink Cat said...

Hello - I thought I'd respond to your request for comments. I have been popping by for just over a month now and have really enjoyed reading your blog. I found it via Yarnstorm (I think) and am really enjoying it. So much so that I've even been reading through the archive during quiet afternoons at work.

I have now been inspired and encouraged by friends to start my own blog. It will just be a hotch potch of random musings and crafty things, but I thought I would be more likely to keep writing than if I started a diary and another form of creative outlet to give me something to write about instead of emails and meeting requests.

Thank you for all your inspiration - and I'll keep on dropping by to see how 2009 progresses for you!

LittleBrownDog said...

Fantastic photos! Love that unfamiliar of the Tour Eiffel - it almost looks knitted. Hold on - perhaps it IS knitted... Well, if it isn't, I'm sure it could be... And I think I know just the woman to do it...

And no, no, no - you can decidedly NOT move to a city. Any city. What about Craft Delight?