Sunday, 1 February 2009

looking forward

As the Americans say, I've been thrifting....I did a charity shop trawl around Chippenham on Friday and came across this little beauty. It's part of a set with bowls and plates. Perfect for summer picnics and, one day, perhaps a little camper van set. We can all dream, can't we?
I'm fitting in some work before I start work tomorrow. It has suddenly occured to me that everything else I do is going to have to be squeezed into 22 hours less waking time. I know, perhaps I should have thought of that before the night before.
Hey ho. I like to think on my feet.
E & I went to paint pots today. We had a disaster with her original painted pot, made with great love and attention at a friend's birthday party. We had to paint our pot in the shed that is attached to our local garden centre.
I noticed, with sadness, that the wool shop has been replaced by a candle-making shop. I'm not surprised, it wasn't a great wool shop but, to be replaced by candles. That's not good. I am, however, impressed with the optimism shown by the candle lady. There were approximately 12 families in the whole of the craft shed (sorry, village) but she seemed quite happy with her candle-making equipment. I'd love to see her business plan.
E made a pasta bowl and was determined to make it look almost exactly the same as her first attempt. I can understand that. I made a tray. Emma Bridgwater it is not. I got a bit carried away with my signature which turned into a huge-balloon-writing label on the back. I have no idea what it's going to look like and no-one else will want it now as it has my name on it.


LittleBrownDog said...

Now why do I never stumble across things like that in Chippenham?
I think I may have to find out the location of that candle woman. I've long harboured a desire to make candles. Well, ever since I read this, really...

Hope your first day at work is going well. xx

Only Me said...

I can just see you in the summer in the Jubilee Gardens having a lovely, lovely picnic with your lovely, lovely picnic set and wearing a wide brimmed hat and a long flowing skirt in the sunshine!

Scary that candles have bought out wool - it brings back memories of candle parties - HELP! Maybe as times are tricky we will all be returning to candlelight....

treena said...

ahh my mum used to have one of these when i was a little girl, also plates cups and bowls. nice to see it again!!