Wednesday, 11 February 2009

doing the write thing

My determination to listen this week has resulted in a whole lot of writing instead.
I've scribbled over notepads, post-its, backs of envelopes, my hand, receipts, sweet wrappers and ripped cardboard boxes. I'm not fussy. I have not, however, mastered the art of remembering a suitable writing pad.
Perhaps I should add a mini-notepad to the badge and key that I now have to wear about my neck every day. I have to lock my office when I leave it and, therefore unlock it when I come back. I have yet to master the art of carrying a mug of tea, my notepad, pen and additional papers/objects whilst unlocking the door with the key still attached to the ribbon-type thing around my neck.
I never have pockets so don't want to take the key off the ribbon-type thing. I don't want to take the ribbon-type thing off as I was told off twice on my first day for not wearing it. Mastering the art of key turning whilst it's attached is one of my key development priorities. My attempts are complicated by the fact that 1200 or so young people are milling about the place at breaktimes and lunchtime. The thought of having such an audience to any unsuccessful attempt at office opening is the stuff of clammy nightmares.
I have been having my haircut by the lady who also cuts my kids' hair, usually as part of a job-lot of haircuts with a number of families in somebody's kitchen every six weeks. I am growing out a particularly irritating layer put in by another hairdresser. As I haven't been working haircuts have not been high on my list of absolute necessities. If I look a bit hairbairbunch for a few days, as long as I can get a bit of product on it, all is well.
However, I need a cut. Our next appointment is tomorrow. Our hairdresser is unwell. I now have to find somewhere that can cut my hair by next Thursday. I am not, never, thrice nayyyyyyyyyyyy going to gay Paree with my hair like it is. It would just be wrong.
I also have a son whose head looks twice its actual size as he keeps refusing to have it cut. I have two chances of getting him to the barbers/hairdressers/sheep shearers - non chance and rien chance.
In addition to his hair situation. He also believes it that he will be wearing his trainers in Paris. Have I taught him nothing? I'm imagining him in a reefer jacket and some brogues. I feel the wardrobe tension mounting already. Perhaps it's just me.


midlifeandmenapause said...

Hilarious post!!

You are so amusing with your posts ;=)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Only Me said...

I think you should make a collage of all this week's writing material (apart from the back of your hand!) - I bet it would look great framed on your office wall and you could refer to it easily if required.

Maybe you could try a clipboard with hooks on for all your attachments ... or maybe not!

Eva said...

i don't like stuff in my pockets! i carry my keys in my bag, on a strap which is sewn into the lining. it's the best solution i have found so far. sure, i do look funny when i twist around while locking and unlocking, but i prefer that to loosing the keys.

about notebooks, i have a few very nice ones, but i don't want to ruin them by actually using them. so i write on all sorts of paper, just as you described. it looks rather messy, but again, it works for me.

how was your haircut? i cut my own hair, did it today.