Friday, 16 January 2009

a week of possibilities

This week is one of hope. We still have the prospect of Obama's presidency to look forward to. He hasn't made any mistakes yet so has become a vessel for hope and optimism in the US and beyond. I thought my knitting attempt, above looked a little American with it's patriotic colourways. I have nothing else suitably stateside.

I am usually hopeful.

I am sometimes accused of being overly optimistic, too enthusiastic, too accepting of life's woes and tribulations. If faced with an unfair challenge, I rant and rave (sometimes resorting to swearing) and then calm down.

I have a tendency to see someone else's point of view as more valid than my own. This is not to say I am unfailingly complimentary or take a perfectly balanced approach to the people and events in my life. I often find myself becoming irrationally irritated but once my adrenalin has been dispersed and I've reacted badly, I invariably manage to rationalise the irritation into nothing with a number of tactics:

* I must be wrong/have misunderstood/missed something
* the other individual must have meant something else
* I relinquish control and take a karmic, inactive position
* I wait until the situation or opinion changes (as it often does)

I met a potential colleague yesterday and we talked about why some people find it easier to criticise and complain and others become the butt of those complaints despite their best efforts.

I have found that most people who whinge and complain are often those who are the least active in their lives. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and throw bricks at the people who are on the pitch, trying to make things better. That's quite a lot of fun without the responsibility.

I often wonder why we are so horrible to politicians. I know they're spending our money, our savings, our pensions but some people have to be in charge. I don't want to run the health service. I couldn't bring myself to decide who goes to prison and who doesn't. I would let everyone who's willing to work come to our country.

We have to trust the people who are willing and able (and voted) to make big, national and global decisions on our behalf.

I hope we remember that when the lovely Barack is trying his very best but just can't fix everything.

And what is Michelle going to wear?!!!!

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Only Me said...

I heard Will Smith chatting about Barack Obama and how his family will be celebrating his historic inauguration. It was interesting cos he was saying that for his generation and his parents, it is an amazing point in history, but his children don't 'get' why it is so important. He has a tricky time ahead but he has inspired and given hope to so many.