Friday, 2 January 2009

unseasonal delight

Don't get me wrong, I love the current monochromatic landscape but I just needed to see a splash of colour and a little greenery. No airmiles were mistreated in the taking of this photograph. It's one I prepared earlier. In July, I think.
Well...I hear resolutions are bad for us. Mind, the mental health charity, ( has suggested that resolutions make us feel bad because few of us ever feel we achieve them and we make them too broad, too huge, too overwhelming. I tend to agree.
One of the reasons I started to blog and think of my own list of challenges was to make myself make small steps, try and record them and create a list of achievements along the way. As you know this process has been a little haphazard and it certainly hasn't changed me fundamentally but it has made me do some of the things I'd put off for years and some of the things I was always too scared to really have a go at.
I always find January a ridiculous time of year to make a new start anyway - it's cold, dark and most people are skint. Not the time to start new endeavours. Far better, in my opinion, to walk a little, read a lot, keep warm and make plans. I like to eat lots of soup, finish off the satsumas, read my Christmas books and try to get dates in the diary to see friends and visit new places.
Oh, yes, and give up chocolate, tea, cake, sugar, carbs, procrastinating.....

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Only Me said...

My resolutions include ones from last year and probably the year before - I operate a 'bring forward' system! One of which is to exercise more and get fit (slowly, slowly I'm getting there). I also agree with MIND in that resolutions are either too broad or sometimes too precise and unrealistic which can be disappointing.