Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Sorry. Couldn't resist. I wanted to call this o-balm-a (I've been worrying about my skin!) but I came across a photo of my sister-in-law's sheep and couldn't stop myself.

I love Obama. What's not to love? If we need the answer to that I think we should ask Michelle - she probably knows more on that subject than the rest of the free world.

I also love balm. Any face cream with the word 'balm' on its lid is likely to do the job. Since my frantic, 'I'm sick of my rosacea' post on Saturday, I have used Boots Botanics super-douper-de-booper balm on my cleansed visage first thing in the morning (when not leaving the house) and liberally in the evening before trying to work my way through 'Wuthering Heights'. This balm costs about a fiver, smells of nothing and seems to do the job.

My other recent skin discovery is to cleanse before bed, reducing morning skin interference to a splash of warm water and even more moisturiser. Again, early results are positive.

Along with the 3 gallons of water I'm consuming each day, the redness and dryness appear to be calming down - it's getting 'o-so-calm-a'!

Is this the beginnings of a poem? Maybe I should stop now. I know I should stop now.
Tomorrow - o-farm-a?!


LittleBrownDog said...

Agree - Obama is by far the most attractive president since Clinton (although having just re-read that, I realise that actually isn't saying very much...) Oh, get him up on Mount Rushmore quickly...

And I think pale and interesting is SO over-rated. It sort of behoves one to be immaculate with it, which must be a bit of a burden. I think you look just lovely as you are.


Only Me said...

I've just spoken to D's parents who have just returned from a lovely warm holiday in Jordan. Whilst they were there they had a full mud pack/bath (head, shoulders, knees and toes). D's mum didn't recognise grandad, but it has done him the world of good. I'm sure all over mud packs in Wiltshire wouldn't be quite the same!

Well done on finding a bargain balm which does the job.