Monday, 12 January 2009

a face for radio

The Good
I had my first day at home, alone, for what seems like an age today. I did the usual, the laundry, the dishwasher, the tidying and I found myself sipping my peppermint tea (note, no caffeine) accompanied by BBC Radio Wiltshire.

Our kitchen radio is usually tuned to Radio 2, occasionally Radio 4. I am not sure how we ended up with our local radio station but, despite the music and its repetitive news items, it was OK.

It was especially OK when I managed to get on the show by calling up about blogs and why we bloggers blog. It was the presenter's first day so I remembered to flatter him that he was a great improvement (having listened to the show twice) and I talked about projectforty, why I started and why, now that I know I have a minute readership I feel pleasantly compelled to write more and more.

Things took a slight turn for the worse when, having told him about turning forty, he asked me whether anything had dropped off since I'd had my birthday. I innocently replied 'not that I've noticed and, in fact, some things have improved'. I could almost hear him blushing. He started it though - the impudent scamp. I'd been listening to the transmitting converation on the phone and then the line went blank. Rather rude I thought but he did apologise for not saying bye bye nicely about 10 minutes later. I might listen again.

He was in the studio with their IT guy, waiting to start his own blog so I've been trying to track down an email for him so that he links to my blogs. A little bit of self promotion can do no harm. Sometimes I surprise myself by my get up and go. Today Radio Wiltshire, tomorrow Jenni Murray. Perhaps I should call her?

The bad

I decided to re-engage with my responsibilities this week. I went to a meeting and a half today related to various community matters (school, village, furniture). I remembered almost instantly how I found it so easy to disengage from my voluntary commitments in the first place. I have a fear that I will be engaged in these matters for a very long time. My ambition? To approach all meetings with good grace, an open mind and an acceptance of circular travel and motion.

The ugly

The weather. It couldn't be fouler today. I dream of hot blue summer skies exactly like this one.


Only Me said...

Love the new layout.

A day in the life of Country Mummy is never dull - the unexpected does happen! Did you get to record your interview with the cheeky DJ - well done.

Am picturing the scene of 'The Bad' - maybe there should be an exception on the no caffeine routine - to be allowed during very long,long meetings...

Bluestalking said...

I have been searching the blogs looking for blogs written by women near my age (I'm 42, will be 43 in late March). So many are written by 20-somethings, so many by women with small, cute children. But blogs by women in their 40s? Apparently we're rare, and should stick together!

Lovely to "meet" you. I've added you to my blog roll so I can swing by often.