Thursday, 29 January 2009

a bumper crop

It's been a blast. I've had lots of fun. The last couple of years have seen me through my big 4-O, I've done a bit of mid-life studying and pottered until my heart's content.
Time now, dear friends and readers, to go back to work. Although I love to take pictures of random objects, organic and otherwise, it's time to stash some cash, earn a living, make myself properly useful for at least three days of the week.
I've managed to find myself what is likely to be the best job I've ever had. It's part-time, it's local, it pays (almost) as much as I used to get paid, it's going to be creative and exciting and I get to work with a lot of different people who are determined to support all our local children and families. It's going to be good.
I have worries, of course. Am I going to be able to keep up the fanatical and germ-free cleaning routine I have established over the last couple of years? Where will I fit in my doggedly determined loo-bleaching sessions? What will happen if I don't remove those balls of fluff that gather under the sofa ever 8 weeks? Will they just emerge, fluff-like while I'm watching ER one night?
The beloved is panicking about the impact my working will have on family life. Admittedly, I became very grumpy last time I worked. My answer: the kids are now 4 years older than when I started. I am now experienced in the mystical ways of the local education system. It pays more.
He has sweetly suggested that he will 'cook more' and 'clean more'. I have a feeling we should resolve and confirm what 'more' means and try to establish a plan before Monday but, why break a marital habit of a lifetime? We did try to do the diary thing once a week - you know, when couples sit with their diaries and work out who is going where. Our attempt was quite nice - we had a biscuit and a cup of tea while we did it but it all felt a little bit corporate, a little bit beige so my plan is to just shout a lot and issue instructions on a daily basis as I drive off in the
Skin: better, but now with breakouts, think the balm is blocking pores. Have invested in a calming cream from Boots, part of their protect and something or other range. I got a free pack of goodies as well, which was nice.
Exercise: progress has been made. I have bought 2 sets of trackies. One long, yogic. The other short and unflattering, even on the hanger. The plan? Working out before/after work. Do not mock. It will work.
Weekend plans: football, schmootball, snow soccer hell. Brrrrrrrr.........

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Only Me said...

Another great photo.

Back to work - am sure you will be brilliant - sounds new and exciting - enjoy. Don't worry about the little fluff monsters under the sofas, no-one ever looks under sofas - that's the philisophy I take.

Am going to miss our little trips but maybe we can sneak one or two in from time to time.