Saturday, 24 January 2009

a bit of colour

I am, what make-up artists and dermatologists call highly-coloured. When being less kind to myself, I complain about my ruddy complexion. I look like I spend most of my time on a windswept hill in an anorak (I don't, normally).
I have always wanted to be pale. I am deeply envious of anyone who actually has to buy blusher. No matter how much moisturiser, balm, serum I layer upon my skin, I wake each morning with the look of someone who has been indulging in a little aerobic exercise.
I was diagnosed with rosacea a few years ago and prescribed cream that made my skin even pinker. I don't get spots. I don't feely itchy. My skin just feels hot, and dry and looks blotchy-red, all the time. All sorts of things make it worse - exercise, the cold, the hot, the wind, the sun, drinking hot drinks, alcohol, spicy food, stress. It's just a pain.
Now, I acknowledge that this is not a serious, life-threatening condition. Any reader may think I am being shallow, whingey and pernickety but, frankly, it gets on my nerves. I look awful in photos, if I have one glass of wine I look like I've had a bottle and it makes me look embarassed, which makes me feel embarassed! Silly, really. So silly, I can't bear to go to the doctors about it. What are they going to do?
So...over the next few weeks, part of projectforty is to finally sort my silly skin out. First stop, the internet? I've just had a quick look. Most of the sites seem to sell stuff (surprisingly). I had a look at the Sher system, that would set me back £160. Mmmmm....don't think so.


Bluestalking said...

I turn bright red when under stress, when I drink alcohol, and sometimes just randomly. Normally my skin's fair, but I blush very easily. And I hate it!

I know there's makeup out there to control that. I believe it has a blue tint to counter-act the red. Couldn't recommend a brand, but I know it exists.

Only Me said...

Another lovely, lovely photo and very cheery for a grey January day.

I've never really had lovely skin I still seem to get spots and, at my age that does not seem very fair, and on top of that I've got lots of wrinkles too.

I think I should try to keep drinking loads and loads of water to cleanse and purify - at least it's cheap.