Wednesday, 21 January 2009

and, relax....

We all have our neuroses. Mine? Mine's so daft, I can't even reveal what it is. It's so silly, so tedious and so nonsensical that I almost feel ashamed. As Dorcas Lane would say 'it's my one true weakness' and not in a good way. However, inspired by B.O (the president, not the odour), I have confronted myself and made some progress, I have done what I needed to do and now, I can breathe! Beware, hysteria, may ensue.
I saw 'The Reader' last night - by accident, but a welcome one. Turn away now, if you don't want to know what happens....but the plot turns on Hannah Schmidt's illiteracy, her shame and her deep desire to keep it concealed. She joins the SS because of it, she refuses promotion because of it, she leaves her home because of it and goes to prison because of it.
It made me think of fear and how it can shape a whole life. I'm perhaps too old to come to this conclusion and I probably should have thought of it before but secrets, however, small can really dominate an existence.
I suppose that's one of the things that make great cinema. We can guess Hannah's secret and we will her to save herself but her pride and her determination to hide her inability to read, makes her do (or not do) things that are truly life destroying.
We go to Swindon, mostly, for cinema from here and it's always interesting to emerge from such a film into Swindon's lovely landscape of warehouses and housing estates and then to arrive in our lovely village. We are cocooned here, amongst the trees and by the river. A lucky position to be in (touch wood).
Today, I am knitting and doing the paperwork for my new job.
With regard to dear, hope-of-the-world, Barack. I thought he was fan-blooming-tastic. I thought Michelle looked marvellous and if anyone can help us all sort through the nonsense that is 2009, he's the man.
I have a feeling that every crafty blog in the US is going to quote his 'maker of things' section ad nauseum but all that stuff about going back to basics, joining together, sharing, doing, creating - sounds great to me.

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