Friday, 30 May 2008

health warning

My pc problems persist. I am at the library, yes, I've become a community IT user (the shame!). Anyway, the library PC allows me to add a post but it doesn't let me read the flaming thing. If you read this and the post below, please forgive any spelling, grammatical or other errors.

Q: How do cats find their way from John O'Groats to Lands End? A: Cat nav!

it's been a while

What a difference a week makes. I become a certificated artist and guess what happens?

- my children become agoraphobic. Repeated attempts at leaving the house are sabotaged by either or both of them during the May holidays

- I discover a talent for Guitar Hero (played with adapted guitar) and on an Xbox rigged to the biggest home cinema I've ever seen thanks to dear friends R&R

- I start making books, books out of envelopes, out of cardboard, in fact anything that can be made into some kind of horizontal surface for writing on

- I am invited to Ascot (by husband, so am not sure it counts) but I've never been before and it is a fine excuse to buy a frock

- I go to the cinema by myself (after having spent 72 hours in the company of agoraphobic offspring) to see 'Sex and the City' and am transported back to the evenings I spent with SJP and her friends during the 1990s.

I saw SATC at Chippenham cinema which is like going back in time only slightly grubbier. I was expecting queues of glamorous gangs of girly friends, giggling about rabbits and brazilians but, well, no. There was a man called Fred with his carer, both of whom got in free, two ladies who filled me in on the plot of 'Desperate Housewives' and were obviously big fans too and then lots of young people who must have been watching SATC when they shouldn't have been.

It was good, not brilliant, but fairly great and I laughed out loud and had a great cry at the end. SJP looked fabulous if you could get past her charming mole and her extra smoky eyeshadow. She does look different on a big screen. The clothes and the shoes and the manaccessories were as fabulous as ever and Samantha got the funniest lines.

If you ever get trapped in the house with your offspring, I suggest a solitary visit to the cinema. It did me no end of good as my Nan, Flo, would have said.

Friday, 23 May 2008

I did it!

Who'd've thought it a year ago - I've passed my access course and got a merit - very pleasing!

Now, what next. Well a PC/laptop would be nice and then I can work out whether I can actually start the degree in September 08 or 09.

More knitting is on the way and lots of ideas are waiting to take shape.

Am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend and lots of sitting about.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

a list of non-woe

Things have improved:

- the lady at the garage told me not to worry about the noise, my car will not blow up (this still needs to be checked though)
- I have put up my show at college (no-one has laughed, yet)
- I have found a solution to my PC issues (leased laptop and mobile broadband - whey-hey!)
- I have finished a sock
- the new curtains have arrived which meant I slept past 4.45am this morning (a true gift)
- my hayfever has subsided
- I've arranged entertainments for the next school holidays
- the sun is still out
- am back on the gym run
- I've eaten most of the biscuits that I'd mistakenly put in the biscuit tin (great enjoyment, larger bottom)

Monday, 12 May 2008

the list of woe....

Things were going so well with projecforty. I was doing most of the things I tell myself I should be doing. I was going to the gym. I was getting fit and then....

- my PC died
- my car is dying
- my hayfever (I hope) struck
- I've lost the ability to sleep past 5.30am (thank you, blackbirds)
- I need to find some work

On the brightside...

- we had a lovely weekend
- I found my summer skirts this morning
- my friend has kindly lent me his car
- the sun is shining

I am writing this at college, waiting for my tutor to help me with my UCAS application. I have been here for half an hour and am feeling guilty because I think I'm supposed to be upstairs painting boards for the show. I can't wait down here any longer and must go and do my bit.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

silence is golden

My PC has officially died. There were mutterings about the motherboard, whatever that is, and blue screens, apparently a very bad sign. Needless to say this is not good timing and my only PC access is now at college. College finishes in 3 weeks time. Mmmmm....another item on the shopping list.

We had a crafty session last night at the pub. I've almost finished my first sock of a new pair. Two new members came along all the way from SB. They were very nice and I'm sure I recognise one of them at least. It's like that in the country you know.

I haven't had a huge amount of time to get inspired as I'm too busy sorting out my final show, organising the house for our guests (you know who you are) and doing the usual running around thing. The kids have got haircuts tonight and we will be visiting a house that contains 9 very cute labrador puppies. I am going to put my best steely heart on/in?

Came to college to see my tutor. Tutor forgot. Am going home now.

Don't hold your breath till the next post. It may be some time.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

on or off

My pc is playing up. Again. And I've started to write. Again. My backup disk doesn't seem to want to play and my desk is a mess. Again. This so-called modern life can be tiresome with its interconnected whatnots and online social gaming, whatever that is. What I need is a whizzy red laptop with wireless connection and long thin legs to sit it on while I'm listening to some fancy music in my loft. Oh dear, dreaming again.

Friday, 2 May 2008

cousin 'it'

This is cousin 'it' in his/her final throes. S/he was supposed to represent an individual's response to showing and revealing their true identity (she was stuffed with some netting for a while). You will be relieved to know that I have moved on from this frankly woolly visual epresentation of my thoughts. I include the photo to remind me never to embark on such an obscure path of artistic experimentation again.
I have decided at long last to accept my place at college BA Fine Art (Drawing practice) but to defer it until September 2009. This allows me to delude myself that I will earn enough from writing and being generally crafty to pay my fees in advance rather than having to go through the rigmarole of begging Wiltshire County Council to give me a loan. Part of my decision is fuelled by fear that I won't be able to last 3 years in an academic institution and part of it is that what I've always really wanted to do is write and there's another part of me that's simply filling my time with something that although valuable and interesting and enjoyable is not, actually, writing.
So, that's it. With my blogging experience and my unflagging self disbelief I am going to spend June 2008 - September 2009 writing and trying to get published somewhere. If in that time I am totally unsuccessful (criteria to be determined at a later date), I will finally give up my pretension of such a career and devote myself to tending my herbaceous borders. Probably.
I'm going back to my barmaid routes tonight, helping out at a fundraiser. I need a job as I shall be toute seule. G needs to take J to football and E has opted for a sleepover. If I don't have a job to do I shall lurk, feeling uncomfortable so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to contribute.
Bank Holiday weekend is looming and the garden beckons. I've done a little bit more weeding this week but, I suspect, nowhere near enough. My three day nausea fest continues unabated and everytime I move I feel hot and slightly dizzy. Another reason to go on the bar and not jiggle around dancing all night.
One side of my garden is full of nettles and the other is full of ground elder. I am awaiting the bindweed. What joy!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

don't put off what you can do in 20 years time

That's my motto! I've been wanting to write for twenty years and to prove I could have got that sodding degree if things had been different for twenty years. That's a sobering thought. It terrifies me that I can remember things that happened twenty years ago. I think I should just get this midlife crisis over with and be done with it.
So, dear reader (s?), I could do both. I've been given the chance to go to college and I've started writing, properly this time. I have fictional and non fictional chapters on my PC that are longer than lists and more structured than spaghetti hoops.
I'm getting there but it's taking an age.
We (or rather my beloved) are still decorating. he is almost finished with Phase I, upstairs. Phase II downstairs will include my room. I am dreaming of white walls (again) and a central work table with a fancy laptop and startlingly gorgeous pictures on the wall. I think if I show willing and reduce my pile of fabrics and assorted nonsense, I might get it.