Monday, 22 December 2008


I took these photos in the summer (yes, the summer) on a walk in Lancashire. The weather was wild and the sheep were numerous.

They make me think of what it's like to be at the end of one year and nearing the beginning of the next. I feel I've 'got through' this year somehow. It's been difficult and shocking and it's taking me time to feel able to look forward to the next one.

I happened to look at this piece of field and sky. First there was nothing and then, as you can see, sheep. They were doing their thing. Having a little look around, eating a bit, getting to the top of the hill and going down the other side.
Sometimes, I think, it is good to do what you have to do and just get on with being what you are. A little time spent doing just what is necessary and vital can be sustaining and there can be quiet pleasure in the pursuit of ordinary tasks.
Christmas (I know, I'm getting obsessed) is helping me come to the end of the year with our little family's rituals. I know I must soak a ham and buy the eggs for our Christmas Eve ham, egg and chips feast. I was pleased to find the chocolate oranges for the stocking and am looking forward to making the bread sauce. All the things we usually do will happen anyway and will be comforting and calming. Just what's needed.

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Only Me said...

Day to day, the routine, the ritual - definitely reassuring - it helps to keep me on the straight and narrow - well most of the time!

I loved this blog - the photos, your words - as always true and real.

That reminds me - must buy chocolate coins for their stockings...