Saturday, 6 December 2008


I emailed a former colleague a couple of days ago. She wrote that she was pleased I'd 're-surfaced'. It made me think of roads and rivers and oceans.

I left my paid job just over 2 years ago, went to college and have been writing and crafting and arting ever since. I've had the good fortune to be able to spend my days doing pretty much what I want to do and I've just started to make my interests pay (a little).

My former colleague doesn't see this (and why should she) but the notion that by leaving a rural county council, I'd somehow drowned or sunk beneath the earth is an interesting one.

It made me think of friendships I've had over the years where either myself or my friends have simply disappeared over time. Neither of us would resign or move on to other friends but circumstances or places would change and we've slowly disappeared from each other's lives. Sometimes, I have to say, that's been a blessing but there are other people I've met who I miss and now I have no way of finding them unless I try stalking them on Facebook or Myspace of wherever people expose themselves.

I think that would be a little weird and it would require a degree of confidence that I don't possess. Let's face it - if I was that fascinating and important, those friendships would continue.

On another matter....

I have a confession. I've been watching 'I'm a celebrity etc......' for the last 3 weeks. I've watched grown men have temper tantrums and observed the Mallet species whooping and howling to annoy his fellow campers. I think my favourite was George, the 72 year old former star of Star Trek. He was serene, good humoured, fit as a flea and very funny. The opposite of David Van Day (Dollar? Remember? Mirror, mirror?). Yuck.

On another matter....

Am taking the beloved's mother to Get Knitted this morning. E is coming too. She's taking her PSP and has stated several times 'I am not knitting'.

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Only Me said...

E was very good and did as she stated and NOT knit. I had a lovely, lovely time and feel all inspired. The afternoon will be spent on my sock so I can progress on to my new beret project. K liked the wool and made the right noises about the beret idea.