Wednesday, 31 December 2008

new year, new leaf?

Despite the fact that 2008 will be a year remembered with sadness and loss, there were some good things that need to be appreciated:
* writing (more)

* knitting (too much?)

* sewing (a little)

* friends (making new ones and enjoying the ones we already have)

* family (lots of changes and more to come)

* learning (one course finishes, another one likely to start)

* decorating (I love living with a man who cares what goes on the walls and then, actually, gets it put on there)

* holidaying (lots of good times in strange places)

* visiting (seeing great places, exhibits and shows)

What will happen in 2009? Who knows? More credit crunching I expect and a need to sit tight and take things slowly. I'm hoping:

* to tackle more of my projectforty list, including the things that I need to do rather than the things that I actually like doing (that wasn't really the idea)

* to create more

* to run more workshops

* to write enough that I get published this year

* to spend more time in my room working than I spend tidying it up

* to enjoy my family

* to take up all the opportunities that are offered

* to say yes more and no less (to most questions!)

* to get back on track with the things I've neglected in 2008

I'm exhausted already!

On a more immediate front, we have 5 families arriving in just over 4 hours to celebrate the arrival of 2009. I have nothing to wear and I need to do something with my hair. I can feel a lovely Ren Rose Otto bath coming on but that precludes the possibility of hair revival as it feels so nice as it's oily. What to do?

Am also going to dig out our rather ancient copy of Pictionary and possibly Junior Triv. It could be a long night! Last time we had a party we played 'who am I?'. It took rather a long time as two of our friends are celebrity-culturally challenged. Who cannot know who Ken Livingstone is? I ask you!


LittleBrownDog said...

Ken who?

Too much knitting? Tell me - is that possible? And yes, yes, to being published - a small allotments book, perhaps?

Hope you had a lovely evening & looking forward to an even better year ahead.


megan said...

I just had to shamefully look up who Ken Livingstone is. Thanks for starting my new year out with a fresh bit of knowledge!

psst... I came over from feeling stitchy. Your turkey-naming tradition is fabulous and hilarious. I'm gald Dorcas could serve your family honourably ;)

Happy New Year!


Only Me said...

Nice new leaf.

To much knitting is not possible.

Here's to 2009 a year of family, friends, creating and crafting - cheers.