Monday, 29 December 2008

a lull in proceedings

The week between Christmas and New Year is a great excuse for a long weekend in my book.
There are games to play, toys to try, piles to sort and the excitement of a brand new year.
2009 isn't looking great on a number of levels although a new year is just what I need right now.
Some of 2008 was just plain painful. I need to start over.
I'm putting plans together, having a good old look at what's working and what isn't and I'm hopeful and optimistic despite the crunchy nut creditflakes and the prospect of eking out a significant jar of lentils bought on a health whim last March. I am unable to contemplate any more mince-tastic meals. We'll just have to go vegetarian or, maybe, airetarian if things get really bad!
It seems that what we all need is a little bit of projectforty!
- ditch the wine, drink more water
- cancel the gym membership, walk up hills nearby
- make lists of all the things you love, not all the things you need/want to do (you probably won't
be able to afford them anyway)
- dance (around the kitchen, preferably with friends)
- eat less (save money!)
- appreciate, appreciate, appreciate (your soul and your bank balance will soar!)


Only Me said...

'The Good Life' could be the way to go - homemade and happy - you could make your own booze too. Your apples make great cider,any veg off the allotment I'm sure could be turned into wine as well as used in homely, hearty pies.

bexsbuttons said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by on my blog!! i definitely agree with project forty at this time of year!! in some ways i dont like the week inbetween christmas and your floating around waiting for somthing to happen but in others i like it because its the perfect time to think thoughts like you mentioned!!!
Have a lovely new year!!