Friday, 19 December 2008

let the festivities begin....

Christmas, for me, starts with these little blighters (my favourite Christmas decorations) and really gets going when the kids break up from school. As an added bonus, today is non-uniform day at both schools. E is transforming herself into a modern-day Elf and J has found a Christmas hat which, entertainingly, lights up having also found some batteries. I can hear sleigh bells already.

We've had a few years of the kids finishing just a couple of days before the main event but this year, with Christmas next Thursday, there's almost a whole week to potter about en famille with as little aggravation as possible. In our house aggravation is most easily avoided by stocking the cupboard with biscuits and insisting on wearing pyjamas until at least midday. We're very low maintenance.
We will have to go shopping having been unable to face the torrential rain last Saturday but I've convinced myself that everyone will have gone into a bargain-hunting frenzy at the weekend and we will be able to saunter around any emporium we choose.
We're also entertaining Granny at the moment, or rather she is entertaining us. It's a sad Christmas for us all this year but it's good to be together feeling sad. I feel as if Christmas and New Year are almost forcing me to look forward and despite losing Dad and all the awful feelings that surface on a regular basis, the rituals of Christmas make me feel that everything will continue and also that he would want them to. So....I managed to get Santa's chocolate oranges (half price, thank you WHSmiths) and the red cabbage is ready to go in the freezer (not thatDad would eat the red cabbage, thank you very much).
It's also the traditional Strictly final tomorrow night. G & N are visiting with W and will take J to their place for the Christmas week. I'm feeling Rachel is on a bit of a winning streak although she's had a pasting in the press for being a bit stroppy this week, maybe the plucky Lisa will pull through. Who knows? Do we really care? I just like the frocks and Len Goodman.

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Only Me said...

Another fab photo of lovely things. I'm even beginning to feel a little bit festive myself..

It was lovely to see J today - I think you are all coping very well - it will be a sad Christmas but it will be a special time for you en famille.

Rachel gets my vote even if she has been a bit of a madam this week.