Saturday, 13 December 2008

a disaster waiting to happen

We are going to Bath to do some Christmas shopping 'en famille' today. We are not the best shoppers individually, as a foursome, I am concerned that our conflicting approaches will result in a strained Saturday evening.

J dislikes shopping unless it's for trainers, football kit, books about football, computer games (preferably discounted) or football boots.

E likes anything sparkly, anything with a logo on it that she recognises and pens (can't think where she gets the latter from).

G doesn't shop. Well, he doesn't shop like we all used to shop in the 20th Century. He ebays and amazons with parcels arriving almost every other day at the moment but he doesn't like shopping because he can't find what he's looking for.

I view shopping as what you do either side of having coffee and, hopefully, lunch somewhere nice. I like to shop alone, with a list, with the knowledge of disposable income and preferably not in Argos. I loaaaaaaaaathe Argos. Michael McIntyre has a great line about Argos being theatre for poor people. I think its owners must just enjoy watching their customers survive the intolerable process involved in buying anything. It's the most joyless shopping experience on the high street. No touching, no looking at the actual real things, at least two episodes of queuing to withstand. Nasty carrier bags. Horrid. So, I'm not going there then.

It's also pouring. It's only 5.50am but my expert ears can detect peristent rain and this definitely sounds persistent. Great. Shopping in the rain. What larks.


Only Me said...

Shopping with us 'en famille' doesn't happen very often. It usually involves us taking D for his annual trip to the outlet to buy clothes. D knows what he wants, doesn't like trying different styles, or different colours, in fact - he believes, he has style - umm - not so sure myself. His wardrobe consists mainly of blue!

Ironchicken said...

heh heh - your version of shopping (coffee / lunch with shopping)is very close to my own. I was just remarking the other day that I miss shopping with my mother for that very reason. We would always go somewhere for coffee that involved eating a piece of cake with a small fork (or, when i was small, ice cream in a 'silver' dish).