Sunday, 14 December 2008

best laid plans

By the time the boys woke up on Saturday (E was on a sleepover) the rain had convinced us that shopping in Bath was a VERY BAD IDEA.

Instead, we turned the house into a festive grotto of loveliness whilst waiting for Strictly to start.

We did rather well despite a couple of tense stand-offs - something to do with the last hobnob and a debate about whether repeatedly hitting the same snare drum is, in fact 'practising a musical instrument'.

All's well that ends well though and we spent the day tittivating and tidying. The guest room is all organised, bar the scented drawer liners and I've even managed to descale the shower without destroying the plating.

More of the same today, with a fleeting nostalgic trip to 'Mickey Ms' in Bedford upwards of 20 years ago. E went to a rollerblading party in a local leisure centre. I really, really, really wanted to have a go but I think, instead, that I'll book it just for me when I'm feeling flush - just to make sure I can do it.

'Mickey Ms' as I remember it was on a corner, somewhere near the train station in Bedford, next door to the amusement arcade. I was deposited there with my friend K almost every Sunday afternoon for at least 3 hours of sweaty roller-disco in the dark, listening to Dollar and Duran Duran. Happy days!

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Only Me said...

I have a feeling rollerblading will be coming to GS shortly. K has decided on her party plan for next year - yep - rollerblading. Top of her Christmas list now is rollerblades - knocking a bike into number 2 on the wish list. So dust off those rollerblades, you can do it - go on, go on, go on, go on...