Tuesday, 16 December 2008

All I want for Christmas

Every year, my Christmas intentions are many and varied.....

- make mince pies and freeze them (thank you, Nigella, for reminding me last night, although I missed the bit about why 3 lumps of pastry in clingfilm?)

- write Christmas cards in a joyous, sherry-fuelled, Andy Williams type moment with a fountain pen instead of hastily scribbling them with biro whilst watching more credit-crunch news on Newsnight

- wrap all presents in matching wrapping paper

- make my own Christmas pudding

- remove all the dust from the festive spirits that languish in the kitchen cupboard for the rest of the year and test them before anyone actually requests a snifter

- write and post Christmas cards to neighbours and friends before 24th December

- fill the house with the scent of frankincense (instead of unwashed, muddy football kit)

- use holly and found foliage to decorate the bannister (ha!)

- get my haircut, eyebrows waxed and eyelashes dyed before I actually remember to try to make an appointment, usually on 20th December

- have satsumas with leaves on in the fruit bowl

- actually go to the Carol services at our local church

- understand exactly how to make a Christingle and what it is for

- not cry at the school's nativity, even though my children are now too old to be shepherds and Mary

- buy tasteful and, crucially, wanted gifts for everyone from teachers to beloved family, friends and relatives

I'm particularly amazed that Christmas happens every year on the same day each year and each year I manage to not quite get the hang of it but it all happens anyway.

There's sherry in the cupboard and Tesco's are delivering tonight. We're almost there - but not quite.


LittleBrownDog said...

Well, you sound a lot closer to Christmas than I am (mind you, I have got my satsumas out, which is more than I had by this time last year). Love the sound of your perfect Christmas house - you sound verily like the Domestic Goddess herself.


Only Me said...

Great photo - must check our festive spirits too. Will the cream in last year's left over Baileys have gone off - I'd better have a little taster to see .... just a thimble full.