Monday, 17 November 2008

to the dark side

I wonder if it could actually be any darker - it is precisely 10 minutes to 3pm and I am off to collect E from school. I am considering taking a torch. I am at my pc (obviously!) but the lights are off. I'm in the gloooooooooooommmmmmm.

The beloved and I have different opinions on lighting - I'm a task lighting kind of gal. I like nice bright lights when I need them and a gentle, flattering glow when I don't. He seems quite able to live in gloom. I suspect he was a mole in a previous incarnation. He laughs at me when I channel the spirit of Peter Kay (and my Nan) by shouting at the kids to 'put the big light on' when they are straining to read the 894th book in some fantasy book series. He insists he has 20/20 vision. I informed him, based on a highly reliable source (i.e. some woman in the local village shop) that, apparently 20/20 vision suggests that you'll need stronger glasses faster.

I used to have glasses. I wore brown, NHS, plastic, wire-eared glasses from the age of about 7 until we moved 'down south' when they mysteriously got lost. I had them again when I did my A levels, can't remember wearing them at college and had another pair when we went travelling in the early 90s. My beloved 20/20 vision possessing then-boyfriend sat on them. On our return nearly 15 years ago, I went for an eye test. The optician said I could have glasses 'if I liked'. Do they say that about cataract operations? Do they say that about hip replacements? I haven't had my eyes tested since.

I do like a nice pair of specs though. I think I'm of an age now to wear a pair round my neck and peer at people over the top of them. The lady in the post office has a pair she bought from Matalan for about £2.50. I might get a pair and see how I get on.

Anyway - am just popping on the high-vis jacket to do the school run. Can't put the lights on yet - there's a recession you know.

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Only Me said...

The woman in the local village shop is right - she is a reliable source. My brother was told he had 20/20 vision and a couple of years later he is wearing extra strong glasses.

Tis a problem with saving on lighting. Even reading by candlelight would be costly - apparently the price of candles has gone up too ... something to do with the price of wax!