Sunday, 16 November 2008


We were invited for 'strictly' and pie last night - a very enjoyable combination indeed!

I'm afraid I am not at my best-guest best at the moment but my hosts were very kind and allowed me to glug the red wine and knit my wonky sock whilst partaking in the conversation which ranged, interestingly, from stress incontinence to The Pogues!

I am a bit 'strictly' fan. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before. Even when it is at its most repetitive, the sparkles and the fleckles and the twizzling about get me every time. Some of the women are amazing - enhanced by their audacious outfits. Some of the men just look like ninnies in theirs. Who ever decided that rhinestones on a male dancer's shirt is just the thing to have?

We had a brief outing to Swindon on Saturday afternoon having dropped E off at a paint-a-pasta-pot party in one of our local (and very empty) garden centres. She and 10 other 7-9 year old girls had a marvellous time unleashing their creativity on a bowl for the afternoon. I got to buy some much-needed trainers. They're much-needed as I'm on a bit of an exercise role and much-needed as my existing trainers are covered in something unmentionable and are falling apart from the inside. A new experience for me.

So - there's no excuse now. I can take my new trainers and nip to the gym whenever I fancy in between college and teaching and generally trying to be creative. I've exercised every day this week apart from today and I must say it's making me feel a little better each time I get off my backside and do it. Let's hope it lasts.

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Only Me said...

Strictly - marvellous and as Brucie would say - Family B you are our favourite.

Who'd of thought it John S has survived another week without my vote!