Thursday, 27 November 2008

random acts of cake making

I now feel I can confidently explain what an emotional rollercoaster is. I've been on one. It lasted four days. I suspect I'm still on it but I'm in the flat, slightly more comfortable bit rather than the terrifyingly perillous, upside down bit.

Monday was awful, Tuesday was terrifying, Wednesday was numb and today was, well, quite nice really. I've bored my nearest and dearest friends whilst rambling quite ramblingly about all sorts of subjects. I'm either monosyllabic or chattering like a cockney barrow boy. It's all a bit exhausting.

J and I made two Christmas cakes last night. It was enormously comforting. I felt I had taught him that making Christmas cakes was a VERY IMPORTANT THING and that now there is a slight possibility that he might do so when he's living by himself in some awful flat somewhere with a storage heater and an impossibly thin and gorgeous creature. I don't remember helping to make Christmas cake as a child but I remember it being made and I remember the smell, the treacleyness and the spice.

I soaked the fruit in vast quantities of non-age-specific brandy between the hours of 6am and 6pm. E went to Brownies for an hour or so and we set to. I did the eggs and the lining and the measuring, J did the mixing. We made a 7" round cake for S and the B family and we made an enormous 10" square cake for us. I think it might last until next July.

The only drawback? I had to set the alarm at 2am to get them out of the oven. I'd forgotten how long they take to cook in a conventional oven and, of course, we have Ray the Burn. I do love Ray but despite his youth, he is not the most predictable oven and it's taken me 6 years to get used to his little ways. I settled on a plan of very long, slow cooking and based on today's observations, it worked perfectly.

Next week: spiced red cabbage.

So, apart from the cake, I've made some carrot soup, been to Stroud, knitted a hat and drank half a bottle of white wine. I've applied for a job, written another knitting proposal and started to design a leaflet for knitting classes. There's nothing like a credit crunch to get you going.


Only Me said...

Life is definitely on a roll (or is it role!)- I'm not surprised you're feeling a little exhausted -knitting and wine sounds like a great combination.

For relaxation and an escape from the emotional rollercoaster I can highly recommend an evening Spa - I feel another little trip coming on...

LittleBrownDog said...

Oh, lovey - just popped in here after too long away busying myself with all sorts of silly trivia like gardeners' bloomin' question time and bloomin' magazines and stuff... I'm so sorry things are a bit hard at the moment. Not surprising, really, with all that's going on, but saying that doesn't help much. Life is just bl**dy cr*p sometimes - I know that all too well - but it will get better, it really will. In the meantime, keep knitting.

Thinking of you.