Sunday, 23 November 2008

post 200

It's a numbers game.....

200 posts in less than 18 months. Goodness knows how many words.

Sometimes this blogging things seems superfluous, nonsensical, pointless. Sometimes it seems useful, making me write, even if I'm writing about nothing.

I read an article today about useless Christmas presents that included: novelty mugs, exercise bikes, personalised director's chairs and hand-crafted vases. It was written by a man. I'm not sure that made a difference. I agreed with every category.

E's birthday is now finally, officially over thanks to 6 sleepover-party-friends and a lot of pizza dough. We can now look forward to Christmas. I have found this year's advent calendars (kindly provided by Granny) and bought the Celebrations (kindly provided by Grandma) for the re-usable advent calendar which requires 2 chocolates in each pocket, preferably eaten before every December breakfast.

I thought I might write a list of useless Christmas presents of my own but I thought it would be a bit miserable. I would hope that anyone able and willing to give me a Christmas present would be able to discern what I would like to receive.

I'm not sure I'm a particularly proficient present giver myself. I try to work out what the recipient of my generosity would enjoy, use and gain infinite delight from however I'm not often able to run to diamonds, bugattis and cashmere. I would love to lavish luxury on my nearest and dearest, not faux luxury but true, elegant, authentic luxury. It must be a real treat to be able to do that.

If I venture out to the high street in the run up to Christmas, I just get depressed. I think there are few things more dismal than boxed gifts of silk-effect pyjamas and fake designer goods. For every beautiful item of gorgeousness, there appears to be a raft of pale imitators, trying to cash on the look without the feel.

This year is supposed to be the year of the handmade Christmas. Mmm. I think that suits the writers of the articles who are being paid to promote such a novel and intriguing notion.

I love making stuff. I don't need to remind anyone of that. I have tried to give my handmade creations to friends and family. To ensure that the gift-giving is a success, there is one golden rule. Always make sure that you're making something they would like to use, not something they are able to be polite about.

So - 200 posts. Perhaps blogging is the same as gift-giving. You have to turn up with something the giftee (the reader) appreciates.

Will I get to 300? We'll see.

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Only Me said...

We too have advent calendars provided by grandma - a Simpsons one and a Hannah Montana one - ugh! Anyway, my two are already arguing over who is having which one! Ahh, the festive spirit. Fortunately, they have both agreed to alternate - all is well again - phew.

CONGRATULATIONS on Post 200 - I'm looking forward to the next 100.