Wednesday, 1 October 2008

pinch, punch, first of the month

I haven't been back to pilates, as promised, am going to try body balance again tomorrow. I know, you're fascinated.

We've had a busy week. I made books in the pub on Friday and Saturday, went to Bath for some speed shopping on Saturday afternoon and did a boot sale on Sunday. I needed a jolly good sit about on Monday morning but had to take myself off to my textiles course instead.

Weaving. We did weaving. I felt guilty after all the years I've scoffed at weavers and spinners. I wanted to find it irritating and boring but it was actually really, really very relaxing and amazingly enjoyable. I suspect that I need to concentrate on other things otherwise weaving may fill the void left by normal, useful activities.

Got to go, got to find out how much table looms cost.....

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Only Me said...

Any luck in locating looms...?

I've ordered the lovely book making book and am looking forward to making lots of lovely books.