Thursday, 16 October 2008

i wish my blog....

- would look like all the lovely, gorgeous, crafty, knitty blogs I watch with envy

- become a 'blog of note'

- have photos

- wasn't green

- had labels, it would have been so better to label my posts

- wasn't so random

As it's over a year since I started to ramble on in a forty-something way, I think it's time to refocus, refocus, refocus and re-jig this so-called-blog.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the autumnal sunshine and collecting up the lovely cards that seem to be arriving through my door each morning.

The boy child is back from his trip away tonight. I'm not sure the washing machine will cope.

1 comment:

Only Me said...

It should be a 'blog of note' and I'm sure it will become a 'blog of note'.

I like randomness - it always make it a nice surprise when logging on.