Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Domestic hiss

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am unable to create an oasis of domestic calm for longer than five minutes.

I have friends whose houses are immaculate. They are beautifully decorated and have an air of tranquility about them. I love to visit but I just can't replicate it.

I am lucky enough to have a 'room'. This is room is mockingly labelled 'studio' by my beloved G. It is also the place where the kids use the computer and seek out random items of craft/sellotape/scissors and fling themselves back and forth across the room on my rolly chair. Great fun - ha ha!

On my desk at the moment I have 2 lamps, 2 speakers, a printer, a pc, 6 balls of wool, some moisturiser, leaflets, felt, 3 craft books, plastic bags, a camera, 2 pots of pens, 1 pot of scissors, a pile of undone paperwork, a half empty glass of water, a toy punto, 3 old cds, some unfinished embroidery, a bracelet, some receipsts, a plastic pot containing two pencil sharpeners and a plastic spoon. I imagine that Cath Kidston's desk looks a lot like it - not.

I tidy this desk every other day. I clear it, I put everything away, I label places that haven't yet been labelled. Within 24 hours, there are piles and lumps of unrelated and highly inappropriate objects on it. I check the desk regularly to see if it's magnetic. It is not. It is just the visual representation of my chaotic mind.

The beloved 'G' (yes, back to him) suggested that when I gave up work the first time to entertain our offspring and iron his shirts I should have a regular weekly routine. I have tried this approach approximately 4 times, each for about half an hour. It never works. Sometimes, though, I suspect it does work for other people but it's quite a difficult theory to test out.

Should I ask friends and acquaintances how they organise their daily life? Would they be truthful if I did? I suspect there's quite a lot of swanning about going on - the outward appearance of calm and grace with an awful lot of invisible running about underneath. I would be interested to really find out how we all (well, some of us) do it.

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