Thursday, 9 October 2008


I have mixed feelings about David Bowie. I say this as I know he won't care a jot. As a star/ musician/artist, his ability to transform his style and identity has meant he's remained a conundrum, an enigma, a figure of interest.

In any case, whenever something changes around me, I often sing 'Changes' to myself, in my head. Is that a bad thing?

I'll stop now as some of those closest to me may be concerned for my mental health - what with the internal singing and the random inclusion of DB in this blog posting.

I hope all my many readers are well and surviving the credit crunch. Here in the UK this transformed a week last Wednesday into the Financial Crisis. If I see that picture of St Paul's with the jaggedy, red, downward travelling mountain range overlaid on it once more, I will throw my knitting needles at it. I have taken to switching on the news at ten at about ten past ten in the hope that I won't be subjected to the sleep-reducing effects of money-worrying.

I'm beginning to feel that as well as a major global wotnot, the relentless discussion, analysis and repetition of all things financial is reducing our capacity to see/hear/explore any other issues or news at all. What, indeed, has happened to the global energy crisis in all this? Are we still worried about knife crime? This one-issue media reporting could be making it easier for our politicians to stop discussing all the other stuff that needs sorting. And, while I think it might be a positive thing, in the long tem for us all to take a step back from over-consumption and shopping, isn't it also making us all more obsessive about money and the making of it?

I worry for Gordon and Alistair. I also worry that some of these decisions are taken at allnight meetings which implies that most participants are sleep deprived. Now, we've all seen those statistics about air traffic controllers when they don't get enough sleep. Lack of sleep results in accidents, disorientation and bad decision making. Do we want all those strung out money makers, high on caffeine, making global financial decisions in the wee small hours? I think not.

Whilst not worrying about the Financial Crisis. I am knitting. Knitting in the hope of averting my own Financial Crisis by exhibiting my wares at our local craft fair. Mmmmm. Knitting is grea for lots of things - stress, worry, pain relief, memory but I'm not sure it's going to live up to my optimistic hopes of global financial improvement.

In the meantime I'm off to body balance today (much more fun than pilates) and am going to lunch with some ladies. This will be followed by the pta agm at 8pm. Hopefully we'll all be fully rested and be able to make considered and rational decisions about who's cooking the sausages a week on Saturday.

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