Saturday, 13 September 2008

unemployable, moi?

I've applied for two jobs in the last two months and haven't been shortlisted for either. As the Libran that I am, I feel two conflicting emotions about this.

Emotion #1. I am useless, unemployable, unwanted and unable to write a CV or an application letter.

Emotion #2. The universe is telling me that I must focus on what I love - the knitting, the writing, the crafting, the nattering and the obsessive compulsion to make sure every sock in our house knows where its other sock friend is.

My unemployability was countered with a letter outlining all the lovely things I need to take to my textile course which starts next Monday - more shopping opportunities at art shops. I know that this isn't the response Tracey Emin experienced when studying for her BA, but hey, I'm starting late and any validation of the time I like to spend cruising the sketchbook section at my local art shop is fine by me. Luckily, the course is in Cirencester, home to one of the best shops I know, the name of which escapes me.

I have chosen my course for several reasons:
- I will have to leave the house on Mondays, thereby immediately reducing the risk of Monday Morning Inertia (MMI) which can transpose itself to a week long moan and groan
- I get to go to Cirencester which means I can combine intellectual and artistic pursuits with a Tesco shop should I need to
- I get to go to Cirencester which also means I can visit the Brewery Arts Centre regularly too

We had a dental crisis yesterday. E was complaining about her toothache immediately after consuming her 3 weetabix. As it's the first week of term, I assumed that this was simply a 7 year old attempt to waft about at home watching cbeebies and reading the argos catalogue. After several minutes of wailing I decided to call her bluff.

'I'll take you to the dentist and he'll say it's an ulcer and then you can go back to school.'

Hmmm. Then came my comeuppance. Poor E has a huge infection where her proper tooth is pushing at her baby tooth. It was revolting, particularly on the state of the art camera which our dentist has invested in. If there was such a thing I would nominate our dentist for 'gadget dentist of the year'. Whilst investigating E's mouth with a dental camera he was wearing some kind of headgear resembling the kid from 'Meet the Robinsons'. I am married to a man who calls his blackberry a blueberry. I find men who love gadgets interesting in the way David Attenborough finds rare spiders interesting. Anyway, now I know to listen to my daughter. She was right.

I am at the library at the moment with J who is beavering away on his 'what is art' project. He's sat next to me having a good old browsing moment.

The family that googles together stays together?

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Only Me said...

Not shortlisted - they must be mad. Definitely not Emotion 1 - I think Emotion 2 is the right one focus on what you love and you're great at it.

Poor E - I hope she is on the mend - sounds like more than Bonjela was required.