Thursday, 11 September 2008

things to make and do

I am having an appreciative moment (as, you may note, originally planned in projectforty). Here are ten things I'm appreciating:

- not having a proper job

- being delusional enough to think my mad ideas are worth something

- not having a husband who insists on a tidy house and/or ironed shirts

- having children who will, on occasion, delight in having breakfast for tea when I'm feeling so hurried by my non-existent job (!)

- having the wherewithal to buy wool (or rather the beloved's wherewithal) almost at will

- being in possession of a room that might be called my own

- it's not raining today (yet)

- not having a sore back

- being the cultivator of a wildlife garden (unmowed, unpruned, unmanicured)

- having a breadmaker (50p per credit crunch loaf instead of £1.10 in the supermarket and therefore more wool money)

I know they're random, but they're mine. All mine. Sometimes I just need a little bit of random nonsense. Don't we all?

I'm at Wootton Bassett Library waiting to try out WB Leisure Centre. The last time I went to WB Leisure Centre I developed an ear infection. I have a forgiving nature. I'm giving it another whirl three years later. I had a little wander after doing a favour for a friend (you know who you are) and the library is the busiest place in town!

There's me, a man three seats up who is making a funny grumping sound every few seconds and a lady to my right who is typing away like a wild, e-fuelled secretary. She's great. I'm trying to type as fast just to make her go faster!

Perhaps I do need to get a proper job.

A final question: what happened to the 9pm watershed for Channel 4's 'Sex Education Show'? It's all very well telling us all that the nation's teenagers are watching revolting stuff on youtube but do we need to hear about it when we're tucking into Tuesday night's supper?

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Only Me said...

Sounds like a grand day out in Wootton Bassett - no sign of ear infections I hope!

A wildlife garden is a very good thing - bees are becoming extinct - beware though you may end up having to host a 'school trip' to check out the wildlife!